Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Will Theseus Succeed Against The Minotaur? by Seini

This is only part of Seini's story retelling the Greek Myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. We know you'll enjoy what she's written so far...and you'll have to check back another day to read how it ends!

In a far away land called Crete there lived a King named Minos. Minos had a pet but this animal was not like others. It ate the flesh of humans. Whenever Minos got bored, he would start a war with his neighbours the Athenians. Minos gathered his army to share his message that they were going to start another war. The king boarded the ship and they sailed away. When they arrived at the sandy shore, the king of the Athenians hurried to Minos to make a really important deal. He said, "If you stop all this trouble making we will send 14 kids to be fed to your minotaur every nine years." The next day arrived and it was time for the 14 kids to be gobbled up by the Minotaur. They sailed off and when they arrived their faces looked sad. Ariadne the daughter of Minos was really interested in Theseus. Minos said, "Oh nice to meet you. You're not going to be eaten yet so you just enjoy yourselves." But they were still sad. When everyone was sleeping Princess Ariadne tiptoed up to Theseus's room and slid in a note. She went to wait for Theseus and she brought some rope and a sword to kill the Minotaur. She demanded him to take her away once he killed the Minotaur. In the morning, the king shoved the kids into the Labyrinth and locked the door but luckily, Ariadne had a spare key. Theseus told the others to stay at the door and Theseus searched every corner of the maze.

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