Saturday, August 3, 2013

Slicing Off Medusa's Head - by Isaac

Isaac is working hard to include delicious vocabulary in his stories. After doing a little bit of editing with his teacher, this is his retelling of Medusa:

Long, long ago in Greece there lived Perseus, Medusa, Danae, and King Polydectes. King Polydectes the evil king wanted to marry Danae but Perseus didn't want his mum to marry him. So King Polydectes set a plan up so Perseus would be out of the picture. Perseus undertook the deadly mission to find the fearsome Medusa and chop off her head. He sailed across the river and then he stopped at the island that he wanted to go to. When he got lost the gods came to help Perseus on the mission. Perseus spotted the three witches. He flew down and took their single eye and told the witches to tell him where Medusa's hiding place was. Then he went into the cave and sliced off Medusa's head.

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