Saturday, April 24, 2010

I wonder...

In term two, we are learning about 'Active Earth.' I wonder which volcano is the oldest volcano? I wonder what would happen if Mt. Wellington erupted? One thing I know, is that Rangitoto is the youngest volcano. I feel good about learning about volcanoes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lolly? Candy?

Did you know that yesterday we got a Warhead? It was extremely sour! A Warhead is a lolly, but in Canada they are called candy. It was shaped like an oval. I thought that it was nice.

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No More For Me!!

Have you tasted the extremely sour Warhead candies from Canada? I bet you haven't but I have a story for you. Warheads, the extreme sour ones that we had, are round as a ball and hard as a nut. If you tasted the sour Warhead, you would have tears in your eyes and you would be amazed from this terrible taste. I'm shocked and I will not have anymore unless I run it under water first.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spitting Magma

Guess what Point England is learning this term?...volcanoes! Yes, that's what we're learning about! Do you know how a volcano erupts? It all starts when these plates move apart from each other and makes magma spit out because of the pressure. Volcanoes are a natural disaster when they blow their top. I feel happy about having volcanoes for our topic this term and I hope we learn something cool next term.

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Too Sour!

Candy Warheads From Canada

On the first day of Term 2, Mrs. Barks opened a bag that said 'Warheads.' Everyone in the class got one each and we had to describe them. The candy was as soft as chewy bubblegum and tasted like Thumb Suckers. The shape of the candy was a small cube like a dice. I liked eating Warheads!

The next day, Mrs. Barks opened another bag of Warheads except these ones were extremely sour! It tasted like my mum had just poured 12 lemons into my mouth! The shape of the Warhead looked like an egg or a marble squashed a little. When I put the candy in my mouth, my face just went puckered! These were too sour!

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Sour Bananas

Have you ever tasted Warhead candies from Canada? They taste like bananas and they taste sour too. They are small as a cube. They're soft and chewy in my mouth.

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Wondering about Warheads

Would you like a Warhead? I was wondering what Warheads were and then Mrs Barks explained, "A Warhead is a kind of lollie." It tasted interesting when I bit into it, like blueberry bubblegum. I would like to try them again.

Not as Sour as I Thought

Yesterday Mrs. Barks gave us some Warhead candies. They were smooth and shaped like an oval.I thought they were going to be sour but they weren't. They were weak but mostly everyone else thought they were sour. They felt like mini sweet and sour volcanoes erupting in my mouth.

My Cousin's Wedding

Do you know what I did in my break? Well, half of my family went to this wedding. It was my cousin's wedding and it was at Manurewa near a Tongan church. It was a fun day and the food was delicious!

One More

I was excited when Mrs. Barks walked over to me with a packet of Warheads and gave me one. They tasted like Thumb Suckers but a little more sour. The sugary coating looked as though it was ash from a volcano and the Warhead looked like a small cube. When I finished eating it, I felt like having one more.