Thursday, April 22, 2010

Too Sour!

Candy Warheads From Canada

On the first day of Term 2, Mrs. Barks opened a bag that said 'Warheads.' Everyone in the class got one each and we had to describe them. The candy was as soft as chewy bubblegum and tasted like Thumb Suckers. The shape of the candy was a small cube like a dice. I liked eating Warheads!

The next day, Mrs. Barks opened another bag of Warheads except these ones were extremely sour! It tasted like my mum had just poured 12 lemons into my mouth! The shape of the Warhead looked like an egg or a marble squashed a little. When I put the candy in my mouth, my face just went puckered! These were too sour!

Click here to listen to Kaycee's story.


  1. Hi Kaycee - fabulous description of eating warheads. It brought back some memories for sure. I especially love the way you said, "My face just puckered!" It made me feel like I was right there. Keep up the great writing - and share your warheads next time please ;) Mrs Burt

  2. Dear Kaycee,
    What a fantastic and vivid description of your taste experience. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it!


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