Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spitting Magma

Guess what Point England is learning this term?...volcanoes! Yes, that's what we're learning about! Do you know how a volcano erupts? It all starts when these plates move apart from each other and makes magma spit out because of the pressure. Volcanoes are a natural disaster when they blow their top. I feel happy about having volcanoes for our topic this term and I hope we learn something cool next term.

Click here to listen to Wyatt's story.


  1. Hi Wyatt, I'm really happy to see that you are doing some reading on your own and learning about volcanoes! I like that you used a variety of sentence types in your paragraph and that you wrote a conclusion sentence!

  2. Hi Wyatt, thanks for your great info on such a hot topic!
    When I saw the news about the volcano that erupted in Iceland last week, I was amazed by how many people's lives were affected.
    Have you guys heard about the pink and white terraces? Maybe you could google it and see what happened here in New Zealand in 1886 when Mt Tarawera erupted?
    My friend Daniel from Denmark thought it was cool when he came to New Zealand and found out that you can go skiing on a live volcano at Mt Rupehu.

  3. Hi Wyatt,
    I like how you said how a volcano starts off.I like learning about volcanoes is well!

    From Kaycee


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