Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lost Cat in the Forest

The Scared Cat

The Witch and Ginger Cat

Puss in Boots and the Giant Slime

In a frosty and spooky forest there lived a girl and a boy who went to cut some wood. Their names were Julia and Jack. Julia went down to the river and started to fish. Suddenly a mysterious creature pulled her in and dragged her down deeply to the floor but luckily she had goggles and the breathing pipe. She swam back up pulling the creature that was clinging to her leg. "Help help!" she cried and also shouted at the same time. Jack quickly made a lasso and threw it over her head and with a mighty pull he tossed her into the air and caught Julia in his muscular arms. They were so scared when they heard rumbling and thought it was a wild beast. It was just a cat. When Julia and Jack saw the cat they were shocked to hear it talk. "Hello I'm Puss can you give some food and water. I'm very hungry." At midnight they went for a long walk. Suddenly a giant slime came and devoured Puss and said "This is what you get for setting fire to my village and now I'm all alone." Jack and Julia were terrified to see what had happened to their friend Puss. His real name was Puss in Boots. So Julia ripped open the slime and scooped its heart all up. "Yuck, yuck, yuck" she screamed. Luckily Puss was alive but had been in the filth for a very long time. He almost suffocated. So Puss in Boots had a bath because he smelt like pool Off went Julia to the river again and off went Jack and Puss to cut some wood down for their fire.