Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Amazing Volcano

On a beautiful, sunny morning, all of team three lined up in their classes and hopped on the bus to go to One Tree Hill. We went there to learn more about volcanoes. Tyla, Kaycee, Ashlee, and I comfortable sat together on the way. Out the buss window, we saw the Sky Tower and the big statue on One Tree Hill.

We walked up the road to the volcano which was boring and tiring but we saw lots of sheep and sheep poo.

When we finally got up, we saw a spectacular view of seven volcanoes and Auckland city. We saw farm land and animals, but the best view was Rangitoto because it looked like a beautiful volcano island.

The statue at the summit was really tall and one side had information written in Maori with the other side written in English. Right next to the humongous statue was Sir John Logan Campbell's grave stone!

After we enjoyed the view, Mrs. Barks thought it was time to go inside one of the craters which had thousands of scoria volcanic rocks. We carefully walked down the terraces, which were really steep.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Suddenly Out Of Nowhere

On a beautiful day, I woke up and it was quiet. Suddenly out of nowhere, my family came out and sang happy birthday to me. I said to myself, "That's right, it's my birthday." I was so happy because my uncle said, "Hey darling, how would you like it if I gave you $100?" I said, "OK!"

A couple hours later, my mum and I got my birthday ready. Twenty minutes later, my birthday cake was ready. My mum got a text from my aunties and uncles saying, "Hey, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

It was so exciting when my cousins, uncles, and aunties arrived. Parties are the best because we had nuggets, hot chips, banana cake, super cake, and really rich fudge. We played Sing Star and then Monopoly.

After that, we mad our beds. We watched movies all night. Later on, we ate some popcorn to go with the movie. My tummy was very full after all the food that day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Isara - Tired At The End Of A Terrific Trip

After several weeks, Mrs. Jarman said to the teachers, "We are finally go ing on our trip to One Tree Hill (Mt. Maungakiekie)." When Mrs. Barks told room 12, we danced around full of joy and laughter. So on Wednesday we got into the bus as quick as a wink and so happy!

Getting out of the bus, I skipped along the path. We met by a little park with a big tree which is as tall as a giraffe. The tree was apparently 100 years old. We had a little play at the park and my friends and i rolled down a little slope.

Happily we got up and started to walk up the hill. On the way, we saw freshly shorn sheep grazing on the landscape. When we reached the summit, we could see a spectacular view of Auckland.

We all said to Mrs. Barks, "Can we go to the crater?" Finally we got to go into a real crater with volcanic rocks that had been used to spell names. My friends and I made a castle with the scoria rocks.

I felt so tired when it came to the end of the day. I felt so lucky because I got to go on a trip.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wyatt's Great Day At Mt. Maungakiekie

Have you been on a trip to Mt. Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill)? We went with our teacher Mrs. Barks, my friend Rauf's mother Penny, Levi's mum Shannon, and my pop Graham to learn about volcanoes.

When we arrived, we started to walk to the summit. As we reached the top we gazed down and noticed the rest of our team. Looking into the crater we saw "I love you" messages written with scoria rocks by other travelers who came here before us. We then saw Mrs. Jarman and Mrs. Slade on their way to the summit.

After lunch we came to the crater. I should not have slid down because my pants were muddy. I noticed a girl that was completely covered head to toe in mud.

I was exhausted and tired, but I was so lucky that my pop said he and I could go home early. I loved this day and I would like to go on another trip to Mt. Wellington or Rangitoto.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Before team 3 could explore the beauty of One Tree Hill, we had time to play on the green grassy field. We went to learn more about volcanoes and what to do if a volcano explodes.

Walking up the steep sides of the volcano, I was incredibly exhausted! In fact I was so tired that I wanted to crawl on my knees. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how high I had walked. While I was looking down, I saw freshly shorn sheep grazing peacefully in the sun light.

Seeing The Whole Of Auckland

After several long weeks, we finally got to go on our field trip to One Tree Hill to learn more about volcanoes. The other reason we went, is because we had to learn about the people who lived on One Tree Hill.

We had a long walk up the huge mountain. We all could see the whole of Auckland and six other volcanoes. Further up the mountain it was a suprise to see sheep and cows.

During the walk up, I noticed some of the craters that were formed from the lava. One of the craters was shaped like the letter u, but the other crater had lots of scoria rock which people had made messges with.

After a long day, I felt tired and hungry. I had felt so dirty because of all the mud that I had slipped on.


At assembly, we stood up to sing the National Anthem. After good singing, Mr. Burt put on a movie for the school. It was one of the old movies we've already seen. Suddenly Mr. Burt said, "Go" and some kids put up their hands really fast. Then Matthew went up.

Then we did sports awards and all of them went to girls. Next were the Bin It certificates and Mr. Jacobson came out to the front with his special envelope. Some classes were hoping they got an award. Mr Jacobson called rooms 23, 2, 1, 20, and 11. Last but not least, Lunch Box Heroes were called. Selena and Esrah went to call the people to come and get a healthy snack and take a picture.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up To The Top of One Tree Hill

One sunny morning team 3 went on a field trip to One Tree Hill. When we arrived at Cornwall Park, we had a little assembly and in that little assembly Mrs. Jarman told us where to go. After she told us where to go we went there. When room 9, 10, and half of room 11 went to the cottage, the other half of room 11 went to have their morning tea and so did rooms 12 and 13.

As soon as the half of room 11 came back and room 9 and 10 did, it was our turn to have lessons with Nadia. She had a map of Auckland and fifty volcanoes. she told us all about One Tree Hill and when it erupted. After that we watched two short videos. The first one was about when One Tree Hill erupted.

After we finished with Nadia, we walked up One Tree Hill. On the way up I saw Rangitoto. Later on I saw Mt. Wellington and then I saw the west crater. Then I saw the main crater and finally I made it to the top. I saw Rangitoto, Mt. Wllington, Mt Roskill, and Mt. Eden. I saw four volcanoes.

Later on we walked down the crater. I saw "I love you' messages and all sorts of writings with scoria rock.

Tired, I dragged myself to the bus.

One Tree Hill

On Wednesday we went to One Tree Hill. We had to go in the bus because it is far away. When we got there, Miss Jarman told us that a tree was more than 100 years old. Then we went to eat morning tea. After tea, it was our turn to go to the volcano. We went up past the sheep and we saw a crater. We went up and we saw another crater. We did not see the three craters. Then we got to the top of the volcano and we saw room 11 coming. Some of us went into the crater and we went the easy way. Some went the hard way. After the crater, we had lunch and came back to school.

Wet And Slippery Grass

Jonathan is continuing to improve his English and to independently write strong sentences. I think he is doing an amazing job!! What do you think?

After assembly we went outside for a run. We did one run around the field. When I was running the grass was wet and slippery. After we came back to class.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mt. Maungakiekie

Have you been on a trip to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill)? We went with our teacher Mrs. Barks, Rauf's mother, Levi's mum, and my pop, to learn more about volcanoes.

When we arrived, we walked to the summit. As we reached the top, we gazed down and saw the rest of our team. We also saw "I Love You" messages written with scoria rocks in the crater - from the travelers who came here before us. We then found Mrs. Jarman and Mrs. Slade.

After lunch, we then came to the crater. I should not have slid down because my pants got muddy. I noticed that a girl from another room was completely covered from head to toe in mud.

I was exhausted and tired after this long, long day, but I still enjoyed it. I was so lucky that my pop said that he and I could go home early. I loved this day. I would like to go on another beautiful trip to Mount Wellington or Rangitoto.

Waiting For Our Trip

We waited and waited a long time to go to One Tree Hill. When I heard that we were finally going on our trip, I was excited because I wanted to learn about volcanoes.

We saw grazing sheep on the land around the volcano. In the crater we read some writings made with lava rocks. Asena Jouan, and I wrote Mrs. Barks's name with the scoria rocks.

Calvin's Active Earth Animation

...And Some More...

Just when you thought that you'd seen all our field trip photos...we dug up a few more!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some More Pic's Of Our Field Trip To Mt. Maungakiekie

The Long Walk To School Video

Today was "Travel Wise" day where all the students and staff members were encouraged to walk to school. Here is a little video of Mr. and Mrs. Barks's walk all the way from Bucklands Beach!!!

Ashlee's Active Earth Animation

Layers Of The Earth - Yum!

A while ago, we were learning about the layers of the earth. To help us understand, we boiled up some eggs - pretending they were the earth, cut them open, labelled the inside layers after the layers of the earth, and then ate them. As the pressure inside the egg built, as a result of the heat, it forced the outside shell to crack and we were able to see mini egg volcanoes and earthquakes.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Pictures From One Tree Hill

Zyrin's Disaster Animation

Aliens and Zombies

My family and I watched Alliens In The Attic. It was the funniest movie I've ever seen. The funniest bit was when Jake met the Alien because he said, "ahhhh ahhhh" like when people think it's cute. Then he said, "I mean auhk." I also liked the bad Alien who shot a human zombie device that made their parents human zombies. It was really cool and I enjoyed it so much.

I thought that the meanist part was when Sparky got cut and when Ricky threw his girlfriend in the lake because he was a human zombie. Luckily at the end, he got dumped by a different girl.

Video Clips From Mt. Maungakiekie

Our entire team of year 3 and 4 students went on a field trip to Mt. Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill). Here is some video footage of our journey to the top of the volcano. Keep checking our blog over the next couple of weeks for our written recounts of our day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walking Up Volcanoes

I went on a trip to see volcanoes and we had to walk up a big one.

Video Clips of Mount Maungakiekie

Every single day, our school gets free fruit from the kitchen.

The fruit bucket that we have is coloured green and has writing that says Rm 12 on it.

Yesterday when the alarm came and Mr. Jacobson called for the fruit people, I jumped up and got the bucket. Running to the kitchen, I got the fruit and brought it back to class.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner With Cousins

Last night I ate pasta and it was delicious.

Then my cousins came. Their names are Moonisah and Mohammed. They just came to eat at our house.

At last, we watched Dill Milly Gaya on the t.v. When we watched it, I fell asleep by the time it finished.

Monday, June 14, 2010

On the weekend, I was so happy I couldn't stop jumping up and down because my cousin, Tom-lee, who came from Australia, was staying here in New Zealand for good! Every Saturday, my cousin plays on a rugby team, and when someone gets injured, he goes in and plays that person's spot.

After my cousin's game, we were just in time for my cousin's baby's birthday - his name is Tarangi. His birthday was the coolest birthday ever because we got heaps of lollies and chips. I got 125 lollies in my gift bag and from the lollie scramble.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Isara's Disaster Animation

Playing Games With My Brother

When my dad called me and my brother to come down and eat dinner, we came and sat down at the table. Our mum told us, "Please set the table." We saw the food and it was sausages and rice soup.

After we finished eating, we were excited because dad said we could play on the playstation 3 for two hours. We played Casket Match on our Wrestlling 2010 game.

At the end of our playtime, my dad said, "It's time for bed." I sved the game and turned the t.v. off. "Goodnight dad!" I said, and went to bed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Electrical Sparks

Isara is learning to add more detail to the beginning of his sentences...he has written one here that describes a scene shortly after an earthquake.

Minutes after an earthquake, buildings are crashing to the ground while power lines are snapping and electricity is sparking.

Wyatt's Disaster Animation

At My Cousin's House

Jesse has been learning to add more details to the beginning of his sentences. Check out his great work!

In a car, I went on a trip to Wellington to see my cousins. At my cousin's we played PS2.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going Up In Flames

Zyrin is learning to add more detail to his sentences. Check out his awesome sentences about a fire caused from an earthquake.

There are power lines crashing down on the house, and it's going up in flames. There is a man covering his head from the smoke while he is running down the street.

Up in Flames

Rauf is learning to add more detail to sentences to make them more interesting for an audience....let him know what you think about this one which describes a fire that started shortly after an earthquake.

Powerful flames were shooting thick glass from windows onto the streets while billowing clouds of black smoke darkened the bright sky.

Tyla's Disaster Animation

Passport Photos

Here is another great example of a paragraph with a group of sentences that are related to one main idea.

At seven p.m., my mum and auntie told my brother, cousin, and me to get in the car. We were going to St. Lukes to get our passport photos done. When we arrived at St. Lukes and got to the shop, I was the first to have my photo taken.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jabez Plays Rugby

Yesterday I went to play rubgy at the back of my house. When we started, the other team kicked the ball. I caught the ball and ran and got tackled at the sideline. Then Daniel got a try. John kicked the ball for the goal post and my friend caught it and passed it to me. My position is center which is next to the winger.

Rauf's Disaster Animation

Class Movie - The Power Of Pressure

Doggie Walking

Last night when I was watching T.V., mum said, "Let's go doggie walking." So I jumped up and got my gum boots on because it was raining. Leashing the dog, we met our auntie outside her house with her dog Nike.

It wasn't the best walk because I had to pick up the disgusting poo. I have never had to pick it up before so I blocked my nose - otherwise I would have fainted. I chucked it in the bin.

Arriving at the League Club very late with the dogs wagging their tails faster and faster, pulling harder and harder, jumping as high as they could, we let them off their leashes. I was so suprised at how fast Nike was and I got thrashed by a puppy!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Collapsed Buildings

Read what Jonita had to say about a fire that started after an earthquake occured.

Collapsed buildings were consumed by huge, red hot flames started by the severed, live power lines. Using his t-shirt, a man shielded himself from the billowing clouds of smoke and the searing heat of the fire.

Poor Helen

Suddenly out of no where, Mr. Jacobson called for the fruit monitors to please come to the hall foyer. Helen jumped up and sprinted to get the fruit bucket, which sits on a spare desk near the computers. She ran for her life because it was raining. With sadness, Helen came back soaking wet, but at least we got the fruit and it was ok!

I hoped that next time Mr Jacobson has my favourite fruit - strawberries!

Laita's Disaster Animation

Hanging With My Cousins

My grandpa came to pick me up to go to my nana's house to have dinner. When we got there, my uncle and cousin were cooking or food to eat. They were done an hour or two after and then it was time to eat some sausages, potato salad, and other yummy food!

My cousins came over 30 minutes before we ate. My 9 year old aunty and I took tunrs with my cousin's touch ipod because I thought it would have been fair. I kept on listening to "Never Let You Go."

My aunty and I happily skipped to my uncle's laptop to play a really fun computer game called Poptropica! We sat in one big chair and logged into my account for the game. I clocked four islands, which my brothers helped me with. We played Nabooti, Big Nate, Super power, and Spy, but we needed six more to clock!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Destructive Fire

Jouan was to write two sentences describing part of a picture that we had used to study earthquakes. She remembered to add detail to the beginning of her sentences.

As the burning fire destroys buildings and homes, it also destroys living things like people. Protecting himself, a man hurries away from danger.

Jonita's Disaster Animation

Fountain of Lava

Bursting out of this huge crack in the earth, lava flew and spat everywhere destroying everything in sight.

As lava spread over the land, it looked as though it was a jar of syrup that had tipped over.

As it gushed over a cliff, it looked like a thick fountain of lava.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Love Food

Asena is working hard to improve her sentences and paragraphs by adding more detail.

As quickly as I could, I rushed to the shops to buy my hot crunchy chips. I hurried home to watch my favourite t.v. show which is the Erin Simpson show. Foods that people on the show cook, make me hungry!

I quickly jumped out of the seat, went and got some noodles with corn beef, and gobbled it all up. It was so, so delicious!

As soon as my dad got back from work, we went to pick up my mum and straight away we went to choir.

Red Hot Embers

Helen is learning to add more details to her sentences. I think she did really well with this one. It describes part of a picture about a fire caused from an earthquake.

As red hot embers where falling on the man, he covered his face and ran down to a safe place.

School Assembly

Wyatt is improving his ability to write paragraphs with sentences that stick to one topic. I think he did really well....what do you think?

In the cold morning, the bell rang and room 12 lined up at the door. Unfortunately it was raining a little, so we quickly marched to the hall and sat in our spots.

The whole school sang the National Anthem. We had to learn the words "tau to" so we went over it with Miss Tito. All of us had fun singing it all together.

Mr. Burt gave out the Duff awards. Levi got it from our class because he wrote some good paragraphs.

Hot Lava

Jesse has been working hard to write a paragraph - read it and let Jesse know what you think!

Volcanoes erupt during the day and night. The lava is very, very hot. Lava comes from volcanoes.

Games, Dancing, And Pillowfights!!!

Running with joy and excitement, I followed my friend to the door. As I got closer and closer, I heard the music getting louder and louder. I said to myself, "I hope I am not late for the games." Pushing the doors, I saw that I was just in time for the games.

After we finished playing, it was time for the dance. While the kids, including me, were dancing, all the adults wee eating. When it was time for all the adults to dance, it was time for the kids to sleep.

All the families have their own room, but me, Babish and Hannah slept side to side. We also played some games before we slept and we had a pillowfight too.

I had fun the whole day. I had a good nights sleep too so that tomorrow would be a great day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Severed Power Lines

Kaycee's detailed sentence about fires that start after an earthquake.

As severed power lines sway side to side in the breeze, they touch buildings, shops, and houses - starting fires.

Moving and shaking

My movie is about a volcano erupting, an earthquake and a tsunami. They destroy land and some volcanoes make land. I've been learning about the tectonic plates, how they rub together and make earthquakes.

I used hyperstudio to draw my pictures.

Wyatt's three disasters

My movie is about three natural disasters. They are a volcano erupting, an earthquake and a tsunami. I've learnt about how they happen and what they do to people.

Mum in a Rush

We have been working on adding details to the beginning of our sentences, and to make sure that our paragraph sticks to one main idea or topic. Read Kaycee's and let her know what you think of her work.

In a hurry, my mum jumped in the car trying to get us to school on time. Unfortunately we got caught up in traffic, so we listened to Michael Jackson. When we arrived in Onehunga, we had a little snack.