Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wyatt's Great Day At Mt. Maungakiekie

Have you been on a trip to Mt. Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill)? We went with our teacher Mrs. Barks, my friend Rauf's mother Penny, Levi's mum Shannon, and my pop Graham to learn about volcanoes.

When we arrived, we started to walk to the summit. As we reached the top we gazed down and noticed the rest of our team. Looking into the crater we saw "I love you" messages written with scoria rocks by other travelers who came here before us. We then saw Mrs. Jarman and Mrs. Slade on their way to the summit.

After lunch we came to the crater. I should not have slid down because my pants were muddy. I noticed a girl that was completely covered head to toe in mud.

I was exhausted and tired, but I was so lucky that my pop said he and I could go home early. I loved this day and I would like to go on another trip to Mt. Wellington or Rangitoto.

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