Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Amazing Volcano

On a beautiful, sunny morning, all of team three lined up in their classes and hopped on the bus to go to One Tree Hill. We went there to learn more about volcanoes. Tyla, Kaycee, Ashlee, and I comfortable sat together on the way. Out the buss window, we saw the Sky Tower and the big statue on One Tree Hill.

We walked up the road to the volcano which was boring and tiring but we saw lots of sheep and sheep poo.

When we finally got up, we saw a spectacular view of seven volcanoes and Auckland city. We saw farm land and animals, but the best view was Rangitoto because it looked like a beautiful volcano island.

The statue at the summit was really tall and one side had information written in Maori with the other side written in English. Right next to the humongous statue was Sir John Logan Campbell's grave stone!

After we enjoyed the view, Mrs. Barks thought it was time to go inside one of the craters which had thousands of scoria volcanic rocks. We carefully walked down the terraces, which were really steep.

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  1. Hey Jonita,

    That was a great story.I loved all of the interesting words you used.I've been to Maungakiekie just like you. Your right there is alot of sheep poo. It is disgusting!! But it is awesome to be up so high and see everything.Have a great holiday.
    Good job



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