Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Levi and Jorja in Term 1

Wow term 1 has come to an end already. This is Jorja and Levi sharing our reflections with you. Our first highlight is reading and also swimming. Reading was a highlight because we enjoyed the reading activities we had. We also liked swimming because we got to learn how to float so we don’t die in the water.

Our goal for next term is to get better at drawing and listening to the teacher.Our guess for next terms subject is cooking.

Jonita and Tyla think about term 1...

Already term 1 is nearly over and it only feels like it’s been five weeks.This is Tyla and Jonita telling you about this term.Our favourite things about this was term learning how to swim and learning new strategies to make Maths easier.

Our goal for next term is to listen to the teacher and to get better at Maths.
Our guess for what we are going to learn next term is cooking or learning musical instruments.

All about Jouan

This movie is about me at home and at school. I really like to do things at home. At school I like to play on the playground.

Term 1 was fun!

Wow term one is coming to an end.This is Kaycee and Ashlee.Our favourite things this term were Art and Swimming.In art we drew a portrait of ourselves with Miss Wood. We liked to do everything that Mrs Barks had for us.

Our guess for next term is Movie stars.Our goal for next term is to get better at listening and Maths also everything.

All about Levi

Kia Ora. The movie I have made shows me at my home, school and the beach. My favourite thing about going to the beach is swimming. I like to wear a life jacket because it keeps me safe in the water.
I hope you enjoy my movie!

All about Esrah

Hi my name is Esrah. This movie is about me at my house, my class and school. I have learnt how to take charge in these areas. I also have learnt how to use my manners.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All about Rocky

My movie is about my interests, my home, my school and me. I have been learning how use quicktime and posting this on my blog. I have learnt about how to take charge in these places.

All about Ashlee

This anamation shows me at home and at school please leave me comment thank-you.

All about Wyatt

This animation is all about Wyatt - that's me! It looks at my school, my interests and my home.
Please leave me a comment.

All about Kaycee

Kia ora. This shows me at School and at home.We have been learning about taking charge of our class and ourselves. How do you take charge?

All About Jonita

This is a animation about me at home at school and what I like to do.I hope you enjoy it!


This movie is about me at home, at school and home. I like to spend time in these places. I work, play and live in them.

Can you please leave me a comment.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about Calvin

Kia Ora! This is an animation of me in my school, home and place of interest. Hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my work please.

All about Tyla-Marie

Watch my animation that shows you me in school, home and doing something I love!
Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my animation!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Listening To The Sounds Outside

Listening To The Sounds Outside

Two days ago, room 12 went out to the field and we laid down so we could hear the sound of nature. that day it was very hot. I heard the wind blowing. The billowy clouds turned into pictures. I saw one that looked like a dragon. Soon after that, we went to the shade and I finally cooled off. I couldn't hear the chirping birds because the lawn mower was on. Mrs. Barks took photos of us laying down. It was very fun because we could relax.

Blustery Day

It was a blustery day on Wednesday, and room 12 went onto the school field. We all laid down and we were relaxing. It was very peaceful. I could hear birds chirping, seagulls crying, and a plane's engine just making a rumbling noise. I put my hat over my head and I could feel the prickly grass poke me when I was lying near Wyatt. The wind was gently blowing the tree branches and going through my hair. There were clouds that looked like dogs and cats chasing after each other. I could hear the sounds of car engines going past. Finally, we went back to class. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Fun Video - Working Hard!

Good writing comes out of a good experience! We went outside for our writing experience and boy oh boy, did we work hard! Check out our little video and then read our blog entries describing this exhausting event!!!

Swishing Branches

I heard the wind blowing and I heard the tree branches swishing. I heard the birds chirping.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Sunny Day

On a hot sunny day, clouds were moving slowly by. It was very hot and the sun was beating down on me.

Dinosaur Cloud

We were so surprised when Mrs. Barks told us to go outside on the field but never told us what we were going to do. She told us to lie down on the grass. As soon as I sat down on the grass, I could feel it tickling my skin. I closed my eyes and could hear seagulls crying, and cheerful chirping birds. Finally it was time to look up in the sky! I could see a dinosaur cloud roaring in the sky. It was kind of funny when the dinosaur was cut in half.

Annoying, Prickly Grass

The most unusual thing happened when room 12 went outside to do something...we just laid down on the grass to listen to the sounds of Point England. First we walked to the field and we had to lie down in the boiling sun, then we had to lie in the cool breezy shade. When I laid down on the annoying prickly grass, it felt like needles that were stuck to the field. Mrs. Barks told us to open our eyes and look at the clouds. Billowy clouds wee aimlessly floating in the sky with no care. After that we headed to the cool shade. I heard the annoying seagulls screeching out loud and I felt I was in the noisiest place in the world. And then I saw the tree branches swaying left to right, plus some of the other branches were dancing back to front. When we were finished, we walked back to class. I felt happy because I got to relax and because it was the time to finally be peaceful.

Room 12's Writing Experience

Room 12's Writing Experience

First we walked to the field and Mrs. Barks told us to lie down nice and quietly on the grass in the hot sun, and close our eyes. We had to just listen. I could hear loud sounds of clicking cicadas up in the trees, and seagulls calling. Then we moved under the trees to the nice cool shade to listen some more. I could hear much more under the trees. I could hear cicadas, seagulls crying, traffic nearby, and branches of trees swaying side to side, and then my hat blew away! Trees were waving and branches were shaking - that's how windy it was! I felt cold because it was so windy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Listening And Looking At The World

Listening And Looking At The World

It was all so calm. We walked to the field and once we got there, as quietly as ever, we put our self in a position that we were comfortable with. Then we stayed as still as we could and listened and looked at the world. I could hear distant sounds of traffic smoothly going past. Then a roaring plane came past and ruined our peaceful and content time. The sun was beating down on us and cooking us like red lobsters. After that we all heard a crying seagull calling out to somebody. While we were sitting in the sun, I felt a gentle breeze floating straight across us. Finally we went in. I can't wait till we do it again.

Prickly, Ticklish Grass

I couldn't believe it when room 12 was told to got outside and lie down on the prickly, ticklish grass. I looked up at the billowy clouds and I was so hot that I couldn't feel my skin. Screeching seagulls were loudly crying and I couldn't hear anything else. That day, the gentle whispering wind was floating in the peaceful sky.

Spiky....all right

Something very peaceful happened. Mrs. Barks stood up an said, "Room 12 line up at the water fountain." So we all lined up. Mrs. Barks told us to go and lie down on the field. I laid next to Rauf. Mrs. Barks said to close our eyes and listen to all the sounds. I heard the clicking sounds of the cicadas and sad chirping birds. Suddenly, something pricked me. It was the grass, so I looked at it and it was spiky all right! Then I saw something move across the sky. It was billowy clouds. They were floating slowly in the air. Mrs. Barks told us to go to the shade, use our hat for a pillow, and close our eyes. So we did, and I saw nothing but complete darkness! Something was tickling me - it was the air. Suddenly something pricked me again - it wasn't the grass this time, it was the bark and leaves! Then it was time to go back to class.

Marching To The Field

Can you believe that we went outside to just...listen? When we walked to the field, our feet sounded like we were marching like a whole group of soldiers marching ready to fight. But we were not soldiers ready to fight. Finally we got to the grass and Mrs. Barks suddenly stopped and told us to lie down. We looked like we had come back from the New Zealand war and we had gotten injured from swords. Then we all looked up like little red fire ants looking up from a hole, and the clouds were in shapes of babies and dragons. We looked up to the sun and heard the wind whooshing through the bushes and trees. I was next to Uili and he was like an angel protecting me from the other wars and like he was a champion who had saved my life. The birds were singing sweetly in the trees, and the cicadas sounded like a clock going tick, tock, tick, tock.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cloud Animals

I'll never forget when Mrs. Barks said that we were just going to lie outside on the field and listen to the nature around us. First when I laid down and put my legs on the ground, I quickly lifted them up because the grass was tickling my legs and felt prickly. Then I slowly got used to it. I could hear a cicada clicking like a clock, a lawn mower, and birds cheerfully chirping, while the sun was beating down on me. Mrs. Barks told us to look up at the sky and see if we could see any billowy clouds up above. And yes I could. I could see a dinosaur, an elephant, a puppy, and a little bunny. As I was staring at the bunny, it was moving like the whole world was in slow motion. When I finished looking up at the cloud animals, Mrs. Barks told us to move in the shade. As I laid down and was listening, I could hear the wind making a whistling noide as if there was a ghost in the air. When I looked up, the branches were swaying side to side as if they were dancing.

Hot As A Chili Pepper

It was a hot day on Wednesday so room 12 marched outside to lie on the grass. But when I laid down on the field, I thought I had pins and needles for a while, then I realised that it was just the grass. I could hear the clicking sound of cicadas and the birds singing sweetly. It was very, very peaceful outside because no body was talking. Then Mrs. Barks said, "Get up, we're moving over to the shade." When we opened our eyes, we saw clouds - all shapes and sizes. If you were there, you would have seen the wind blowing them aimlessly across the sky. If you listened very carefully, you could hear sounds of distant traffic. I heard some branches snapping every now and then. I felt the hot sun beating down on us and if it wasn't for the breeze, I would have been as hot as a chili pepper!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


On Wednesday, Room 12 went outside to lie down on the grass. The grass was so prickly that it went sticky when we were lying down. Next, we went to the shade. When we went to lie down, I said, "Paradise!"

Cloud Shapes

We went to listen to the sounds of the world. We all pretended that we were sleeping. The grass was tickling us. Then we heard the birds singing in the trees. Some of them were crying in the trees. Then we opened our eyes. We looked up at the sky. I saw a cloud that looked like a dog and there was one that looked like a dragon. Then we came back to class.

Peaceful Afternoon

We went outside to listen to nature. When we got to the field, I could hear branches waving gently in the breeze. It was really peaceful! The grass was prickly. After that, we went in the nice cool shade and I could feel the gush of wind. I heard sounds of distant traffic. When I was listening hard, I could hear cheerful chirping birds. I couldn't hear cicadas because I was used to them. There were billowy clouds. Finally we went back to our class.

Hot Sun Beating Down On Me

Guess what? Mrs. Barks told us to line up in two groups of boys and girls. After we lined up, we went to the field. I laid down on the grass and it was prickly. After, I put my hat on my face because the hot sun was beating down on me. Finally we went in the shade and I saw some birds in the sky.

Hear, Feel, and Look

Did you know that room 12 went to hear, feel, and look out on the field? Mrs. Barks told us to lie down on the grass and close our eyes. A few minutes later I could feel the prickly grass tickling my skin. When I opened my eyes, I saw a seagull swoosh past me. I closed my eyes again and I heard cicada's clicking sounds. It was really peaceful around me. Then we had to go back to class. It was really relaxing.


Guess What? You'll never believe it...Mrs. Barks told us to lie down on the grass on the field. We thought, "Huh? What are we going to do lying on the grass?" It seems that we were going to listen for sounds. While I was lying down on the prickly grass, I felt it tickle my skin. As I was lying down I heard crickets jumping all around over and over. I also heard seagulls calling. Then when Mrs. Barks told us to open our eyes and look at the clouds, I saw billowy clouds floating in the air. I saw a cloud that looked like a dog and one that looked like a dragon. Then Mrs. Barks said to line up and go back to class. It was fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Video - Manners Please

We are learning to be good "Point Englanders," and that includes using our best manners.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The School Picnic

Searching for crabs is fun! Our school went to the Point England beach for a picnic. We were searching for crabs. I was carefully maneurvering over the mud because it was slippery and slimy. I almost slipped! I went into the gooey mud and it looked like clay. I found lots of little crabs and one big crab when I was searching under rocks. The big crab looked like it was going to clip me so I dropped it back into the mud. I hope that we have another school picnic soon!