Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about Calvin

Kia Ora! This is an animation of me in my school, home and place of interest. Hope you enjoy it. Leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my work please.


  1. Hi Calvin, you have made a great animation. I like the way you have made yourself smaller at the start to make your house look bigger. Excellent!

  2. Impressive work, so much detail. Wow! One of the Digikidz KND has left you an audio comment on our blog. Come and listen at

    It's our first time using the easi-speak microphone so we would love your feedback about how you think we did and if we can improve our work.

  3. Hi Calvin,

    Great work on your animation. I am always amazed at how much my students know about using computers! You used some great detail to make it interesting!

  4. Hey Calvin,

    I am a student at University of South Alabama. I am in the EDM310 class. I think you did a wonderful job. I love the animation, but I had a hard time hearing you. I am very proud of you to have the ability to do that at your age.

    Brittany South
    If you want to go look at my blog go to:


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