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A Little Bit About Ancient Egypt

Mummy Maker
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A Little Bit About Bats

Sleepless Night

I had a sleepless night because I was dreaming about pink scrumptious cupcakes. My tummy tingled with excitement - it rumbled and grumbled. I couldn't wait until sunrise. Hopefully I would get to school in time.

I smothered light chocolate icing on top of the smooth white cupcake. I sprinkled on little candy pebbles.

I sank my teeth into the sweet, moist, fluffy cupcake. I munched the pebbles between my teeth and it felt like I had an outrageous flavour party on my tongue!

I wondered if I would get sick if I ate more?

Melting in my Mouth

Last night I had a sleepless night because all I could think of was cupcakes with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles. I couldn't wait for tomorrow - I was so excited!

I dove into the smooth, creamy, chocolate icing. An idea popped into my head to spread it carefully so it would be lovely looking. I shook the bottle of rainbow sprinkles and out came too many! The last thing I put on my cupcake was pink icing. It looked gorgeous!

I peeled off the wrapper and took a felt like candy floss melting in my mouth.

I felt so happy because the cupcake was marvelous and I hoped my mum would let me make some at home.

Sinking Into The Water

Zane has been working hard to write interesting paragraphs that create a picture in the reader's head. Here are his first two in his story about his swimming experience.

Our school signed us up to the G.I. Pools to have swimming lessons with trained instructors. Lucky for us it is only two minutes away.

I was about to hop right in but first I tested it with my foot to check the temperature. Slowly I slid into the warm water like a fat lazy seal and said, "Aaaaaaah."

Making Cupcakes

On a lovely day, I could not wait to get to school because Mrs. Barks said, "We are going to make cup cakes."

I spread delicious icing on my cup cake and shook a few sprinkles on it too. After that, we went outside and I enjoyed a yummy cupcake!