Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jorja's Coded Message

India-november tango-echo-romeo-mike 3 whiskey-echo alpha-romeo-echo lima-echo-alpha-romeo-november-india-november-golf alpha-bravo-oscar-uniform-tango papa-india-romeo-alpha-tango-echo-sierra. chalie-alpha-papa-tango-alpha-india-november juliet-alpha-mike-echo-sierra charlie-oscar-oscar-kilo whiskey-alpha-sierra bravo-oscar-romeo-november india-november 1728. hotel-echo whiskey-alpha-sierra kilo-india-lima-lima-echo-delta bravo-yankee tango-hotel-echo whiskey-alpha-romeo-romeo-india-oscar-sierra india-november hotel-alpha-whiskey-alpha-india-india.

Story of Kupe

Kupe and his friends went on a lengthy journey to find the threatening octopus who had been taking their bait. As they headed out to sea, they got caught in turbulent and dangerous waters. When Kupe looked into the water he saw a dark shadow. It was the octopus.

Emerging out of the water,the octopus grabbed onto the waka and started shaking it. A blanket of fear suddenly fell on the men. Kupe shook off his fear and told the men to throw gourds overboard. The octopus was fooled into thinking they were men long enough for Kupe to stab it and kill it.

Kupe's wife hoped that they didn't have to solve another problem like this again.

**Tyla used her terrific ideas, and with a little editing help from her teacher, was able to write a portion of Kupe's story. Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kupe Versus The Mad Beast

Kupe headed out to the turbulent and dangerous waters in a waka to kill the octopus who kept stealing their bait. He and his crew were on the sea for days. They were hungry,tired,and scared.

Suddenly "Boom!" a tentacle flopped onto the waka. The mad beast kept on chucking and throwing people into the sea! Kupe bolted up, grabbed his sword and axe, and started to fight. After slaying the octopus, he raised his weapon in a sign of victory!

Kupe's wife saw an island in the distance so they sailed towards it. They were very happy and called their new land Aotearoa.

Brave Man Named Kupe

A man named Kupe had enough of an octopus who had been stealing their fish. So he went with his wife and some men on a journey to sea to search for it and slay it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the octopus burst out of the dark blue sea and grabbed hold of the waka. Kupe jumped out of his seat and sliced the tentacles with an axe. It took a long time for Kupe to kill the octopus.

Kupe and his crew felt tired and hoped that they would never ever have to face a battle like that ever again.

**Laita had excellent ideas and worked hard with her teacher to edit her work.

Kupe and the Great Beast

Kupe, his wife, and friends sailed out to sea to slay a nasty octopus who had been stealing their bait. Several days later something terrible happened...

The great beast from the murky depths of the sea rose and gripped the waka theatening to capsize them. But wait...Kupe had an idea. He cried out "Throw the gourds at the octopus." The octopus thought it was a person and attacked it. Trembling in fear, Kupe sreamed, "ARGHH!" and stabbed it to death.

After the furious battle, and Kupe and the others had there revenge, they all yelled "yeah!" They set off for the new found land in the distance.

***With a little editing help from the teacher, Wyatt came up with a great little summary of the legend of Kupe. Hope you enjoyed it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Marine Radio Communication

This term, room 12 is studying "The Mighty Mariners." We have been learning about the Phonetic Alphabet for Marine Radio Communication, and some of us have posted some coded messages for you to decipher. In order to read them, you'll have to use the first letter of each word. Leave us a comment telling us what our messages say!!

Laita's coded message

india-november tango-hotel-echo hotel-oscar-lime-india-dealta-alpha-yankee mike-yankee bravo-romeo-oscar-tango-hotel-echo-romeo wisky-echo-november-tango tango-oscar tango-hotel-echo sierra-hotel-oscar-papa.

Wyatt's coded messages

delta-india-delta yankee-oscar-uniform kilo-november-oscar-whiskey, juliet-alpha-mike-echo-sierra charlie-oscar-oscar-kilo delta-india-echo-delta india-november hotel-alpha-whiskey-alpha-india-india?

Bravo-yankee whiskey-yankee-alpha-tango-tango.

Jonita's coded message

Tango-hotel-india-sierra tango-echo-romeo-mike,whiskey-echo alpha-romeo-echo lima-echo-alpha-romeo-november-india-november-golf alpha-bravo-oscar-uniform-tango echo-x-ray-papa-lima-oscar-romeo-echo-romeo-sierra whiskey-hotel-oscar tango-romeo-alpha-victor-echo-lima-echo-delta bravo-yankee mike-alpha-romeo-india-november-echo victor-echo-sierra-sierra-echo-lima-sierra.

Bravo-yankee Juliet-oscar-november-india-tango-alpha

Tyla's coded message

India lima-echo-alpha-romeo-november-tango tango-hotel-alpha-tango Julliet-alpha-mike-echo-sierra Charlie-oscar-oscar-kilo delta-india-echo-delta india-november Hotel-alpha-whiskey-alpha-india-india.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Antonio's Disaster Animation

Volcanoes can be a dangerous thing!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Helen's Disaster Animation

Robert's Disaster Animation

I hope you enjoy my animation of Active Earth!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jabez's Disaster Animation

Erupting volcanoes, destructive earthquakes, and wild tsunamis.....all the stuff disasters are made of.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gianna's Disaster Animation

Check out Gianna's version of an erupting volcano, earthquake and tsunami.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jacob's Disaster Animation

Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis ... the power of the earth's pressure!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Levi's Disaster Animation

This term, we studied volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Check out Levi's animation of their destructive power!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful View Of Auckland

After waiting for a long time to go on the trip, we finally went. We went to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill).

Arriving early at One Tree Hill, we looked around the place. We took photos on the wall that said Cornwall Park.

Mrs. Jarman said, "It's time to come into the little cottage and sit down." There was a young lady called Nadia. She was a person that was going to tell us all about volcanoes

As soon as it was finished I was so glad because we could get started climbing the volcano. Walking up the side paths, I thought to myself that I was not going to make it! Half way up the mountain I could see the side crater - it looked like a u shape.

Struggling and thirsty, I finally made it up the mountain. As I walked up to the summit, I saw the beautiful view of Auckland and some volcanoes. I counted 5. The volcanoes looked like a lighter painting of volcanoes.

We visited the main crater. Once I saw it, I could see cooled lava rocks from the eruption. It was funny because the rocks spelled out "Will you marry me?" "I love you," or just names.

After looking at it, we took a short cut down the mountain and had lunch!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Asena's Disaster Animation

Volcano Cake

After an exciting term learning about "Active Earth," we made a volcano cake! As you can see in the photos - it was quite a cake. Mrs. Barks told us that we could decorate it and eat it just before our morning tea break....that way we could get all sugared up and then run around outside and wear it all off. Oh, by the way, we are wearing our Canadian flags because it was Canada Day - check out our "Oh Canada" video under "Videos and Pics Rm 12."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Excited About Our Trip

After a long time, we went to Mt. Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill). As I arrived at school, I was so excited that I ran outside and waited to go. When we got on the bus, off we went to One Tree Hill.

As we arrived, we all were excited. When we finished morning tea, we climbed the mountain. Half way up we saw the west crater. When we were climbing, I saw heaps of freshly shorned sheep grazing peacefully in the sun.

When we reached the top of One Tree Hill, I counted how many volcanoes there were and as I was counting, I asked myself, "What would it be like to be a volcano?"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Beautiful Day For A Trip

As I woke up with the sun shining into my eyes, I knew that it was a beautiful day for team three's trip. we were going to One Tree hill to learn about volcanoes.

When I was walking on the volcano I saw houses and cars, all around Auckland. As we were walking on the side of the road there were volcanic rocks. I picked them up and I saw that they were bubbly and fat.

When I first saw the crater I said to myself, "Maybe I will get muddy pants." But I didn't get my pants muddy because I followed the path down the side of the crater.

After our long, exciting day, I pulled myself into the bus. When we got back to school, we had a little sleep but I tried to not fall asleep.

Siding Down The Crater

On Wednesday it was a sunny day for our field trip to One Tree Hill.

While we were going up the hill we saw sheep. At the top of the mountain we looked out over Auckland. We looked down at team 3.

When we went to the gate, we climbed down the side of the mountain. We started to make stuff like walls with the volcanic rocks.

Later we climbed the side of the mountain and slid down the side again and again and again.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sights From The Summit

When we got to One Tree Hill, we had our delicious morning tea and played for a while with leaves. Then we went and saw a lady named Nadia who knew a lot about different kinds of volcanoes. She showed us a variety of scoria rocks and I think she was a terrific science lady.

We all walked up One Tree Hill and found the west crater that had the side pushed away by lava and looked like the letter u. Further up, we saw grassy terraced slopes covered in freshly shorn sheep.

As we went further up, we could see the monument at the top. At the summit we could see all of Auckland.

Finally we got to go down the sides of the crater and at the bottom were scoria rocks. People wrote messages with the volcanic rocks and built castles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh Canada

Our teacher and her husband, who teaches in room 18, are from Canada. July 1 was Canada's birthday, and to celebrate they put together a little slide presentation to show us their country. We were amazed by the scenery and the variety of animals. We were also surprised to find out that some of our favourite celebrities were Canadian!!

Surprise - There's Sheep

After several long weeks we finally got to go on our field trip to One Tree Hill to learn more about volcanoes. The other reason we went is because we had to learn about the people who lived on One Tree Hill 600 years ago.

Shortly after we got to One Tree Hill, we had a long walk up the mountain. We could see the whole of Auckland and six other vocanoes. Furhter up the mountain we could see sheep dotting the slopes. It was a surprise to see sheep and some cows.

During the walk up, I noticed two of the three craters. One was formed from the lava pushing out the side and it looked like a letter u, and the other one had lots of scoria rock in it which people had made messages with.

After a long day, I felt so hungry and tired, and dirty because of all the mud I had slipped on as I was playing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Esrah Asleep On The Bus

When I arrived at school, I was so excited because team 3 had waited two whole weeks for their trip to One Tree Hill. Outside the bus was waiting out on the road so we hopped on and off we went.

When we got there, Mrs Jarman told us the rules and then we had morning tea.

After that we climbed the hill, and half way up I was exhausted.

We reached the summit, Mrs. Jarman said, "Let's go to the main crater." When we got there we had to go carefully down the sides because it was so deep. I got down and made stuff out of the schoria rocks which are hard, cold magma rocks.

When Mrs. Jarman said, "Time to go and eat!" we ate. We played with our mates and then it was time to go.

I felt so exhausted that I fell asleep on the bus half way back.