Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brave Man Named Kupe

A man named Kupe had enough of an octopus who had been stealing their fish. So he went with his wife and some men on a journey to sea to search for it and slay it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the octopus burst out of the dark blue sea and grabbed hold of the waka. Kupe jumped out of his seat and sliced the tentacles with an axe. It took a long time for Kupe to kill the octopus.

Kupe and his crew felt tired and hoped that they would never ever have to face a battle like that ever again.

**Laita had excellent ideas and worked hard with her teacher to edit her work.

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  1. Hi Laita,

    I like your story of Kupe and the Octopus. You are a very good writter and you used good vocabulary.

    Keep the great work up!


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