Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beautiful View Of Auckland

After waiting for a long time to go on the trip, we finally went. We went to Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill).

Arriving early at One Tree Hill, we looked around the place. We took photos on the wall that said Cornwall Park.

Mrs. Jarman said, "It's time to come into the little cottage and sit down." There was a young lady called Nadia. She was a person that was going to tell us all about volcanoes

As soon as it was finished I was so glad because we could get started climbing the volcano. Walking up the side paths, I thought to myself that I was not going to make it! Half way up the mountain I could see the side crater - it looked like a u shape.

Struggling and thirsty, I finally made it up the mountain. As I walked up to the summit, I saw the beautiful view of Auckland and some volcanoes. I counted 5. The volcanoes looked like a lighter painting of volcanoes.

We visited the main crater. Once I saw it, I could see cooled lava rocks from the eruption. It was funny because the rocks spelled out "Will you marry me?" "I love you," or just names.

After looking at it, we took a short cut down the mountain and had lunch!

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