Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kupe and the Great Beast

Kupe, his wife, and friends sailed out to sea to slay a nasty octopus who had been stealing their bait. Several days later something terrible happened...

The great beast from the murky depths of the sea rose and gripped the waka theatening to capsize them. But wait...Kupe had an idea. He cried out "Throw the gourds at the octopus." The octopus thought it was a person and attacked it. Trembling in fear, Kupe sreamed, "ARGHH!" and stabbed it to death.

After the furious battle, and Kupe and the others had there revenge, they all yelled "yeah!" They set off for the new found land in the distance.

***With a little editing help from the teacher, Wyatt came up with a great little summary of the legend of Kupe. Hope you enjoyed it!

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