Saturday, August 24, 2013

lomio-lee spilting numbers

Canada presentaition-Adriel

Primates by Amber

Months of the year in Maori-Venetia

Primates - By Seini

Maori months of the year - Waimaria

Maori months of the year-Adriel

Patricia helps mum make pie.

In the Weekend my mum baked some pie with nuts,pineapple,strawberry & Kiwi Fruit. She also made some cake with the same fruits. We helped my mum make it and bake it. as it was  just finishing cooking I ate a piece it so yummy 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lomio's Medusa and Perseus

Where I'm from-Seini

Vinolia Theseus and the Minotaur


Adam - Minotaur Audioboo

Isaac - Primates

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waimaria - Where I'm From


This is a recording of the first part of my retelling of Persephone.

Persephone by Rima

Zack - Audioboo of Perseus and Medusa

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adriel explains part of Midsummer Night's Dream

Adriel read the story version of Shakespeare's play 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' She is explaining what Shakespeare meant in one little part of the story.

Olivia explains part of Midsummer Night's Dream

Olivia's reading group read a "story" version of Shakespeare's play 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' She is explaining what Shakespeare meant in one little passage of the story.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Will Theseus Succeed Against The Minotaur? by Seini

This is only part of Seini's story retelling the Greek Myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. We know you'll enjoy what she's written so far...and you'll have to check back another day to read how it ends!

In a far away land called Crete there lived a King named Minos. Minos had a pet but this animal was not like others. It ate the flesh of humans. Whenever Minos got bored, he would start a war with his neighbours the Athenians. Minos gathered his army to share his message that they were going to start another war. The king boarded the ship and they sailed away. When they arrived at the sandy shore, the king of the Athenians hurried to Minos to make a really important deal. He said, "If you stop all this trouble making we will send 14 kids to be fed to your minotaur every nine years." The next day arrived and it was time for the 14 kids to be gobbled up by the Minotaur. They sailed off and when they arrived their faces looked sad. Ariadne the daughter of Minos was really interested in Theseus. Minos said, "Oh nice to meet you. You're not going to be eaten yet so you just enjoy yourselves." But they were still sad. When everyone was sleeping Princess Ariadne tiptoed up to Theseus's room and slid in a note. She went to wait for Theseus and she brought some rope and a sword to kill the Minotaur. She demanded him to take her away once he killed the Minotaur. In the morning, the king shoved the kids into the Labyrinth and locked the door but luckily, Ariadne had a spare key. Theseus told the others to stay at the door and Theseus searched every corner of the maze.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Grotesque Face That Will Turn You To Stone - by Yvonne

Yvonne wrote a retelling of Medusa. She edited her story with her literacy group and teacher to make sure she had engaging details and delicious vocabulary. WOW....what an amazing piece of writing you are about to read!!!

Long time ago there lived a King named King Polydectes. He was madly in love with a gorgeous creature who's eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky and her fragrance was like a field of flowers blooming in the spring. Danae was her name. Danae had a son called Perseus and he was enraged with the King's plans to marry his mother. King Polydectes knew that Perseus would not let him near his mother so he thought up an evil plan to get rid of him. Perseus was sent on a deadly quest to murder the gruesome gorgon Medusa and slice off her snake covered head. He travelled and searched everywhere but had no sight on Medusa's secret lair. Then right in front of his face, the gods Hermes and Athena appeared. They saw that he was having trouble so they gave him a golden sickle, a glimmering shield, a bag to carry her head in, and also some winged sandals that made him fly. Perseus thanked the gods and flew to find Medusa's cave. Nearby he met three witches that shared one single eyeball and one tooth. When they weren't looking, Perseus snatched their eyeball and demanded that they tell him where Medusa's secret lair was. One of the witches pointed to a cave that was just across from them. Perseus knew that if he looked into Medusa's eyes then he would turn to stone so he thought of a way to find her. He looked into the shield and saw a reflection of himself and this gave him an idea. He was going to use it like a mirror so that he could see Medusa's face. Then he walked down the cave and saw Medusa. With a mighty swing of his sickle, he sliced her head off. He grabbed her head and stuffed it in the bag. When he came upon King Polydectes's castle, he showed Medusa's mysterious head. The King looked into Medusa's grotesque face and suddenly turned to stone. Perseus and his mother lived happily ever after.

Deadly Gaze of Medusa - by Amber

In a beautiful Kingdom in the hills, there was a King named King Polydectes. He was deeply in love with a beautiful creature named Danae. She has a son called Perseus and Perseus did not want the King to marry his mother. King Polydectes was thinking of an evil plan to get Perseus to leave because he and Perseus didn't like each other. The King told Perseus that there was a secret mission for him to do. The secret mission was to slice off the snake covered head of Medusa! Perseus accpeted the mission and went to find Medusa's secret lair. When Perseus was lost a flashing light streaked across the sky and the gods Hermes and Athena were there. They gave Perseus a glimmering shield, a golden sickle, a satchel, and some winged sandals. Perseus thanked the gods and they disappeared. Perseus flew above the hills searching for Medusa. He discovered three witches who shared one single eye and tooth. Perseus snatched the eye off the three witches and demanded that they tell him where Medusa lived. They told him where she lived and Perseus soon found her home. Silently he crept inside her cave. Once Perseus found the fearsome gorgon, he sliced her head off and placed it in his satchel. He flew back to the castle and presented the head to King Polydectes who gazed into Medusa's deadly eyes and instantly turned to stone.

Perseus's Dangerous Quest - by Olivia

Olivia has been learning to add interesting vocabulary to her stories and to make sure that all the main events of the story are included so that the reader isn't confused. She worked with her teacher to add in some extra details. Hope you enjoy!

King Polydectes was madly in love with beautiful Danae and wanted to marry her but Perseus, Danae's son, didn't want King Polydectes to marry her. The King sent Perseus on a dangerous quest where he would die and he could marry Danae. Perseus was to cut off Medusa's snake covered head and bring it back to the King. Perseus travelled over high mountains, through low valleys and across beautiful meadows and hot deserts. Suddenly the gods Athena and Hermes appeared before him and gave him a golden sickle, a shield, a bag to put Medusa's head in, and winged sandals. Off he went high above the clouds. Then he located the three witches and snatched their single eye that they shared. He demanded that they reveal which direction Medusa lived. They agreed and pointed the way. Perseus slilently crept inside Medusa's cave and used his shield as a mirror. He found her, chopped off her head, placed the snake covered head in his bag and flew back to King Polydectes. When he got there, the King was shocked! Perseus showed him Medusa's head and King Polydectes instantly turned into stone.

Perseus The Strong and Mighty Son - by Danielle

Far away in a beautiful land there was a king named Polydectes. He was madly in love with an adorable creature named Danae and he wanted her to be his bride. Danae's son Perseus was strong and mighty and he did not want King Polydectes to marry his mum. The evil King wanted Danae all to himself so he plotted against Perseus. He sent Perseus on a deadly mission to chop off the head of the snake haired monster Medusa. Perseus travelled to find Medusa and was about to give up but then he spied Hermes and Athena - the gods.Hermes and Athena gave him winged sandals, a sickle, a satchel and a shiny shield. After that, he came upon the three grey evil witches so Perseus silently crept up and snatched the eyeball that the three witches shared. Next he demanded that they tell him where Medusa's secret cave was. He flew across the sky searching for it. Soon he came upon her cave. Perseus planned to use his shiny shield as a mirror to see Medusa's  reflection so that he wouldn't have to look into her eyes and be turned to stone.  He slid his hands against the rough walls of the cave and was almost ready to spew from the smell of the green slime on Medusa's body. Later that night, he saw the evil smelly creature and swiped his sickle across her throat. He put her head in his satchel and set off back to King Polydectes. He stumbled through the door and then held the head up to Polydectes eyes and the king was transformed into a stone statue. "Yay my mighty son, you saved me!" cried Danae. Danae and Perseus lived happily ever after.

Slicing Off Medusa's Head - by Isaac

Isaac is working hard to include delicious vocabulary in his stories. After doing a little bit of editing with his teacher, this is his retelling of Medusa:

Long, long ago in Greece there lived Perseus, Medusa, Danae, and King Polydectes. King Polydectes the evil king wanted to marry Danae but Perseus didn't want his mum to marry him. So King Polydectes set a plan up so Perseus would be out of the picture. Perseus undertook the deadly mission to find the fearsome Medusa and chop off her head. He sailed across the river and then he stopped at the island that he wanted to go to. When he got lost the gods came to help Perseus on the mission. Perseus spotted the three witches. He flew down and took their single eye and told the witches to tell him where Medusa's hiding place was. Then he went into the cave and sliced off Medusa's head.

Perseus's Mission to find Medusa - by Kura

One day King Polydectes wanted to marry Danae so she could be his bride. Perseus and Danae didn't like that idea and King Polydectes didn't want Perseus, Danae's son,  to stay with them. The king had an idea. The idea was to send Perseus to get Medusa's horrifying head which was covered with masses of hissing snakes. When Perseus went searching for Medusa's secret hiding place there came two gods. The two gods gave him a shiny gold shield to look at Medusa's reflection, a golden sickle, some flying shoes, and a special pouch called a satchel. When Perseus was searching he spied three witches that shared one single eye ball and one single tooth. Perseus sneaked up to the three witches and snatched the eye ball off them. He forced them to tell him where Medusa's secret hiding place was. They quickly told him where Medusa's secret hiding place was so they could get their eye ball back. He went and silently crept into the spooky cave like a lion walking through the jungle. Perseus was trying not to bump into anything but he did. He bumped into a statue and it crashed to the floor. Medusa heard it and looked for the noise. Perseus heard the two gods coming to tell him what to do with the shield.The gods told him to look at Medusa's reflection in the shield so he would not look into her deadly eyes and be turned to stone. He looked in the shield and began to look for her. He suddenly found her and sliced her head off. She let out a frightful scream. Perseus returned to the castle. He held the disgusting head up and showed it to King Polydectes who turned instantly into stone. Perseus and his mum went to look for a man to marry Danae so they could live happily ever after.

Perseus and Medusa - by John

John has done an amazing job of retelling the story of 'Perseus and Medusa.' Pay special attention to the wonderful vocabulary words that John used to make it interesting! After working with his teacher to tidy up a few things...this is what he had....

Once upon a time King Polydectes wanted Danae to marry him. Then Danae's son named Perseus arrived and King Polydectes sent him on a mysterious and deadly mission to get the head of an evil creature named Medusa. so Perseus travelled to get Medusa's head. He found three sisters who only shared one eye and one tooth. Perseus snatched the eye off the sisters and they told him where Medusa lived. Perseus saw the gods who gave him three things to help him. They gave him a golden, sharp sickle, a glimmering shield, winged sandals and a sack. Perseus went into the cave to find Medusa. His glimmering shield reflected to find her head. Perseus found Medusa and he chopped her head off. Then he flew back home. Perseus opened the bag and he grabbed Medusa's head and showed it to King Polydectes and he turned into stone.