Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deadly Gaze of Medusa - by Amber

In a beautiful Kingdom in the hills, there was a King named King Polydectes. He was deeply in love with a beautiful creature named Danae. She has a son called Perseus and Perseus did not want the King to marry his mother. King Polydectes was thinking of an evil plan to get Perseus to leave because he and Perseus didn't like each other. The King told Perseus that there was a secret mission for him to do. The secret mission was to slice off the snake covered head of Medusa! Perseus accpeted the mission and went to find Medusa's secret lair. When Perseus was lost a flashing light streaked across the sky and the gods Hermes and Athena were there. They gave Perseus a glimmering shield, a golden sickle, a satchel, and some winged sandals. Perseus thanked the gods and they disappeared. Perseus flew above the hills searching for Medusa. He discovered three witches who shared one single eye and tooth. Perseus snatched the eye off the three witches and demanded that they tell him where Medusa lived. They told him where she lived and Perseus soon found her home. Silently he crept inside her cave. Once Perseus found the fearsome gorgon, he sliced her head off and placed it in his satchel. He flew back to the castle and presented the head to King Polydectes who gazed into Medusa's deadly eyes and instantly turned to stone.

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