Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perseus's Mission to find Medusa - by Kura

One day King Polydectes wanted to marry Danae so she could be his bride. Perseus and Danae didn't like that idea and King Polydectes didn't want Perseus, Danae's son,  to stay with them. The king had an idea. The idea was to send Perseus to get Medusa's horrifying head which was covered with masses of hissing snakes. When Perseus went searching for Medusa's secret hiding place there came two gods. The two gods gave him a shiny gold shield to look at Medusa's reflection, a golden sickle, some flying shoes, and a special pouch called a satchel. When Perseus was searching he spied three witches that shared one single eye ball and one single tooth. Perseus sneaked up to the three witches and snatched the eye ball off them. He forced them to tell him where Medusa's secret hiding place was. They quickly told him where Medusa's secret hiding place was so they could get their eye ball back. He went and silently crept into the spooky cave like a lion walking through the jungle. Perseus was trying not to bump into anything but he did. He bumped into a statue and it crashed to the floor. Medusa heard it and looked for the noise. Perseus heard the two gods coming to tell him what to do with the shield.The gods told him to look at Medusa's reflection in the shield so he would not look into her deadly eyes and be turned to stone. He looked in the shield and began to look for her. He suddenly found her and sliced her head off. She let out a frightful scream. Perseus returned to the castle. He held the disgusting head up and showed it to King Polydectes who turned instantly into stone. Perseus and his mum went to look for a man to marry Danae so they could live happily ever after.

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