Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Grotesque Face That Will Turn You To Stone - by Yvonne

Yvonne wrote a retelling of Medusa. She edited her story with her literacy group and teacher to make sure she had engaging details and delicious vocabulary. WOW....what an amazing piece of writing you are about to read!!!

Long time ago there lived a King named King Polydectes. He was madly in love with a gorgeous creature who's eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky and her fragrance was like a field of flowers blooming in the spring. Danae was her name. Danae had a son called Perseus and he was enraged with the King's plans to marry his mother. King Polydectes knew that Perseus would not let him near his mother so he thought up an evil plan to get rid of him. Perseus was sent on a deadly quest to murder the gruesome gorgon Medusa and slice off her snake covered head. He travelled and searched everywhere but had no sight on Medusa's secret lair. Then right in front of his face, the gods Hermes and Athena appeared. They saw that he was having trouble so they gave him a golden sickle, a glimmering shield, a bag to carry her head in, and also some winged sandals that made him fly. Perseus thanked the gods and flew to find Medusa's cave. Nearby he met three witches that shared one single eyeball and one tooth. When they weren't looking, Perseus snatched their eyeball and demanded that they tell him where Medusa's secret lair was. One of the witches pointed to a cave that was just across from them. Perseus knew that if he looked into Medusa's eyes then he would turn to stone so he thought of a way to find her. He looked into the shield and saw a reflection of himself and this gave him an idea. He was going to use it like a mirror so that he could see Medusa's face. Then he walked down the cave and saw Medusa. With a mighty swing of his sickle, he sliced her head off. He grabbed her head and stuffed it in the bag. When he came upon King Polydectes's castle, he showed Medusa's mysterious head. The King looked into Medusa's grotesque face and suddenly turned to stone. Perseus and his mother lived happily ever after.

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  1. Dear Yvonne

    What an a amazing story about the fearsome gorgon Medusa.It had some details and rich vocabulary which is so amazing.Great work on writing this story it made think pitchers in my head,great work.

    from Adriel


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