Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perseus and Medusa - by John

John has done an amazing job of retelling the story of 'Perseus and Medusa.' Pay special attention to the wonderful vocabulary words that John used to make it interesting! After working with his teacher to tidy up a few things...this is what he had....

Once upon a time King Polydectes wanted Danae to marry him. Then Danae's son named Perseus arrived and King Polydectes sent him on a mysterious and deadly mission to get the head of an evil creature named Medusa. so Perseus travelled to get Medusa's head. He found three sisters who only shared one eye and one tooth. Perseus snatched the eye off the sisters and they told him where Medusa lived. Perseus saw the gods who gave him three things to help him. They gave him a golden, sharp sickle, a glimmering shield, winged sandals and a sack. Perseus went into the cave to find Medusa. His glimmering shield reflected to find her head. Perseus found Medusa and he chopped her head off. Then he flew back home. Perseus opened the bag and he grabbed Medusa's head and showed it to King Polydectes and he turned into stone.

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