Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perseus's Dangerous Quest - by Olivia

Olivia has been learning to add interesting vocabulary to her stories and to make sure that all the main events of the story are included so that the reader isn't confused. She worked with her teacher to add in some extra details. Hope you enjoy!

King Polydectes was madly in love with beautiful Danae and wanted to marry her but Perseus, Danae's son, didn't want King Polydectes to marry her. The King sent Perseus on a dangerous quest where he would die and he could marry Danae. Perseus was to cut off Medusa's snake covered head and bring it back to the King. Perseus travelled over high mountains, through low valleys and across beautiful meadows and hot deserts. Suddenly the gods Athena and Hermes appeared before him and gave him a golden sickle, a shield, a bag to put Medusa's head in, and winged sandals. Off he went high above the clouds. Then he located the three witches and snatched their single eye that they shared. He demanded that they reveal which direction Medusa lived. They agreed and pointed the way. Perseus slilently crept inside Medusa's cave and used his shield as a mirror. He found her, chopped off her head, placed the snake covered head in his bag and flew back to King Polydectes. When he got there, the King was shocked! Perseus showed him Medusa's head and King Polydectes instantly turned into stone.

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