Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perseus The Strong and Mighty Son - by Danielle

Far away in a beautiful land there was a king named Polydectes. He was madly in love with an adorable creature named Danae and he wanted her to be his bride. Danae's son Perseus was strong and mighty and he did not want King Polydectes to marry his mum. The evil King wanted Danae all to himself so he plotted against Perseus. He sent Perseus on a deadly mission to chop off the head of the snake haired monster Medusa. Perseus travelled to find Medusa and was about to give up but then he spied Hermes and Athena - the gods.Hermes and Athena gave him winged sandals, a sickle, a satchel and a shiny shield. After that, he came upon the three grey evil witches so Perseus silently crept up and snatched the eyeball that the three witches shared. Next he demanded that they tell him where Medusa's secret cave was. He flew across the sky searching for it. Soon he came upon her cave. Perseus planned to use his shiny shield as a mirror to see Medusa's  reflection so that he wouldn't have to look into her eyes and be turned to stone.  He slid his hands against the rough walls of the cave and was almost ready to spew from the smell of the green slime on Medusa's body. Later that night, he saw the evil smelly creature and swiped his sickle across her throat. He put her head in his satchel and set off back to King Polydectes. He stumbled through the door and then held the head up to Polydectes eyes and the king was transformed into a stone statue. "Yay my mighty son, you saved me!" cried Danae. Danae and Perseus lived happily ever after.

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