Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooperative Task

Ever been part of a cooperative task? What is a cooperative task? may be asking. Well, it is an activity which forces a group of people to work together as a team in order to complete it. Room 12 took part in a cooperative task a couple of weeks ago.

Their mission...should they choose to accept it...was to get the entire class onto 14 chairs lined up side by side, and move the chairs and students from one end of the side walk to the other end. They could not touch the ground with any part of their body.

The first attempt didn't go so well, and upon reflection, they realized that cooperation means working together. This is exactly what they did on their second try! There was communication. There was observation. There was patience. There was encouragement. There was celebration!

Check out our photos!

A Clumsy Video

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jesse's Busy Weekend

Guess what? I went to see the movie "Up." I also went to the zoo, and my mum and I went to the shop.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Levi's Trip to Australia

My brothers and I were so surprised when we found out that we were going to Australia on a plane. First we waited for the plane to land, and while we were waiting I played on my PSP. It was so fun I kept on playing it in the airport. Then the plane landed straight on the ground. So we got on the plane, and waited for a while. Then my mum said, "Levi we're here!" and I was so excited that we were there at night. We got out of the plane and got the car and drove to our apartment. We slept there in our own bedrooms and in the morning I saw lizards!

Helping with Mr. J's Music Video

Mr. J asked each class at Point England School to contribute to a music video that he is making. We each chose a line from the song and then made a short video clip to go with it. Our line says - we won't delay or sit and wait. Read Wyatt's version of what happened on the day we decided to film.

On Tuesday, Mr. J. said, "Hello room 12, I'm going to ask you to make a part of my movie." So Mrs. Barks told us to line up and said, "Let's do that movie!" So we walked down to the big field. Mrs. Barks told us, "When I say action stay still but when I say go, you run like crazy!" She said "action" but some people moved, including me. Finally I didn't move and Mrs. Barks said "go." We all stood up and ran like a meteor had just hit the ground. The first time didn't work because some people went on the playground, but the second time worked. So we marched back to the classroom and carried on with our work.

Karen's Trip to Australia

Guess what? In the holidays, I went to this big country called Australia. In Australia it was hot and it was really, really strange. I couldn't believe it! The sun was like a toaster and it burned my whole body. Do you know who we stayed with? My mum's special friend - she has 6 kids. She had a nice house because she has an air conditioner. It was the coolest house I had ever seen. One day, all of us went to this Hot Hungry Jacks. We had chicken and a nice cold Coca-Cola drink. I went to the park of the Hungry Jacks and we played there for a little while. Then we went outside to the car. When I walked outside it was like a fire burning my feet. I was embarrassed because I had shoes but I wasn't wearing them so I had to go with hot fire feet. When we got home I felt nice and fresh when I got inside. I said to myself, "It's too hot outside." My mum's friend had a big T.V. and there were different cartoons. Some were fun to watch, but some were boring. I hate the boring cartoons but I like the fun ones.

Jorja's Day at the Pool

Guess what! I was so excited because we were going to my second favourite pool. It is called Jellicoe Pools. When I took one step into the entrance I said, "Mum, the pools are beautiful." First we went on this big slide that went straight into the pool. Next, me and my mum, dad, and my brothers played volley ball. It was me and my mum versus my dad and brothers, but my brothers and my dad won. After that we went on a floating blow up obstacle course. They called it a worm. Later on we went to the inside pools. They were much warmer than the pools that were outside. The colour of the kiddie pool was green. Finally we got to eat. We had chips, drink, sausages, yogurt, and sandwiches. Later on after we had a rest, we went back in the pools. Then we went back home and had an ice-cream and watched movies. I felt happy because it was an awesome day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isara's Trip South

My South Island Trip

On December the sixteenth, Point England School finished. I was so excited because it was the holidays! On the next day, we packed all of our bags and off we went. I said, bye to Auckland. When we arrived at Palmerston North, I jumped on my best friend Potiki when I saw him. Later on that night there was a big storm and it was raining very hard. Before I went to bed, their cat Clyde scractched me because he didn't know me very well. It hurt and I couldn't get to sleep. Finally I fell asleep because I got really, really, tired.

Christmas at Nana's

Guess what?...I went to my Nana's for Christmas! We got to her house late. The next morning, I woke up and it was early, and while I was awake, everybody else was still asleep. I decided to wake everyone up because I wanted to open my presents. When everyone had woken up, it was late so we just opened our presents straight away. Me and my brother Zane got a dance mat and a game of Monopoly. When we opened that present, we were really surprised and then started ripping open our other presents. My cousin TuAriki, got a big truck filled with racing cars. When we had opened all of our presents ...we had lots of presents, we started to play with them. Me and my Auntie's friend Toni played Monopoly while my brother Zane and my mum played with the dance mat. Then we all went outside to see the chickens, cows, and calves. After that, we went to Shrek's pond which was green - that's why we called it Shrek's pond. I saw a trampoline which was for my cousin TuAriki. When we started to play on the trampoline, my big brother Mareva came on and he bounced us high. That was really fun. While he was bouncing us, the others were still by the chickens. Later, everyone went inside except for me. I was playing on the swing for two minutes. Soon it was time to go home, so we packed our stuff and went home.

Summer Movies

In the holidays, me, my Dad, and my brother Crusader went to the movie theater to watch The Tooth Fairy. That morning, I got out of bed, got my towel, brushed my teeth, and washed my face. After that, I put on my jeans and a pink t-shirt. Then I ate some noodles and toast for breakfast, and watched T.V. My dad and my brothers woke up. My dad asked my brother and I to go on my cousin's laptop to see what times the Tooth Fairy was playing. We chose 11:30 a.m. After that, my mum woke up. She asked my cousin if she could watch The Lovely Bones on his laptop. He said, "Yes!" I watched the beginning of the Lovely Bones and then we went to the movies. I put on strawberry lip balm on the way to the theater. When we got there my dad bought some coke, chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream, and popcorn. We gave the tickets and watched the movie. When we got home we watched Invictus and I fell asleep.

Picnic at Point England Reserve

In the holiday, I went for a picnic with my mum and two brothers. We ate chips, chocolate drink, and some sandwiches. The place that we went for a picnic was point England reserve. The next week, we went for a walk at point England reserve again. We went around the whole field. After a long walk, we went home for lunch. I was really tired! When we were about to go home, I saw Chloe jumping on Mele's trampoline. I yelled to Chloe, "Hi Chloe!" We had a great day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Zyrin's trip to Butterfly Creek

This summer I went to my Nana's house with some of my family. I played with my cousins. We went to Butterfly Creek and went into the hot butterfly cage. I saw all kinds of butterflies. I also saw turtles and other colourful creatures.

Jacob's Summer Holidays

In my holiday, me and my family went to Orakei beach. It was really fun and we all went for a swim. On Christmas day, we got heaps of toys. Later in the summer, we went to the pool. Last week I went to the movies with my mum, brother, cousin, and Auntie Michelle. We watched Avatar. It was really cool because there were lots of great battle scenes. Before the movie started, we got some lollies, a drink, and some butterscotch ice cream. After the movie, we travelled back home in my uncle's car. When we got there, we played tag and had lots of fun.

Calvin and the Big Puddle!!

In the holidays, I went up north to stay with my Nan. My cousins Adam and Genet were there too. In Adam's room I played Smack Down v/s Raw 2010. It's different from all other kinds of wrestling. The next day we went to Russell which is a beach up north. We went across the road to another beach called Lady Kawa. It's a beach on a lake. I jumped off a tree that had a sign which said, "50ft deep puddle." I jumped off another tree that was even taller, and I was surprised that the water was lake water instead of ocean water. The next day, we went to the arcades. My Nan gave me a whopping $70 to spend on games and food but I only spent $20. We all had a fantastic time!

Rocky's Water-Fight Surprise

In the holidays, I went up north for Christmas. First my family had to pack up before we went. While we were traveling, I was falling asleep. When we got there, me and my cousins had water fights. We were running after each other. Then guess what? My big cousin locked us in the shed. We found a fishing line, so we played boats. We were stuck in the shed for about one hour before my uncle found us and unlocked it. Then guess what? We used our water guns to wet my big cousin. We chased him all over the house but he was too fast. So we chased him with our bikes. When we finally caught him, he was hiding behind a bush. After we were finished with him, he was wet and sticky because we had filled our water guns with fizzy drink! I had a lot of fun!

Levi the Snowboarder!

This summer, I went to Snow Planet with my mum and dad. I was learning to snowboard. My dad was teaching me to cut back and forth across the hill. I did an awesome job! My dad did an awesome job! All the other dad's and their sons did an awesome job! However, my mum wiped out twice and slid down the hill on her bottom. I thought that she was brave because she kept trying!

Wyatt's Summer

On Sunday, we went to a big swimming pool in the city because it was "fun day." They had a long slide but it didn't open until 12 p.m., so we waited and waited and waited...for THREE HOURS! When it finally opened, I had a turn. It was fun because they had a volcano with water in it. The pool was really cold when I got into it. I was freezing! After we swam, we had something to eat and then slept over at our Nana's. I can't wait until we get to go back!

Laita The Brilliant Chef

In the summer for Christmas we had a Christmas party! We invited our family over! I helped my Auntie with the barbeque. She said, "You should grow up and be a chef!" I said, "Yeah I should Auntie!"

My family brought heaps and heaps of presents for the children. I forgot to mention that my Auntie made a delicious trifle. I helped her with it. She thinks that I am a brilliant cook because I made the trifle look yummy and tasty. Everybody wanted seconds but there wasn't that much left. There was only enough for one each!!!

Earlier that morning we had filled up the pool and we wanted to just jump in already! First, we had to eat then open the presents before we swam in the pool! Two days after Christmas we decided to go out for a picnic. We had to eat before we could go and fish. We ate KFC before we went to fish. I caught five fish for dinner because my mum said I have to catch some fish for dinner. I caught enough for everybody. She said, "If you catch some fish for dinner, I will give you $14."

The next day I went to my Grandma's house. When it was raining we played in the rain. My brother couldn't come out to play because he was sick. It was just me and my sister and my family having a water fight. In New Zealand we say having a "squirt" when we are having a water fight. I felt happy because I had a good summer holiday!

Ashlee's Weekend at the Hot Springs

On Saturday the 27th of January, we went to Waingaro Hot Springs in Ngawahia. We didn't know where to go but my Aunty Lola asked at the gas station so that she'd know where to go. We were doing a tail. We were at the back of the tail but then afters my Aunt knew where to go we moved to the front of the tail. When we got there, I felt like I just wanted to jump in the pool. The Hydra slide wasn't open yet. All of the pools were hot and sort of warm. The under 5 year old pool was the hottest out of all the pools. I kept on bombing in the shallow side but it was sort of boring so I went to the deep side of the pool and did a bomb with my Aunty Lola. After that the hydra slide called "Big Splash" was finally open. I went on it 5 times and I scared nearly my whole family when I came down. The little slide kept giving me wedgies. I wish my family would have booked our caravan for more days so that we could keep on swimming in the pools every morning.