Monday, February 8, 2010

Ashlee's Weekend at the Hot Springs

On Saturday the 27th of January, we went to Waingaro Hot Springs in Ngawahia. We didn't know where to go but my Aunty Lola asked at the gas station so that she'd know where to go. We were doing a tail. We were at the back of the tail but then afters my Aunt knew where to go we moved to the front of the tail. When we got there, I felt like I just wanted to jump in the pool. The Hydra slide wasn't open yet. All of the pools were hot and sort of warm. The under 5 year old pool was the hottest out of all the pools. I kept on bombing in the shallow side but it was sort of boring so I went to the deep side of the pool and did a bomb with my Aunty Lola. After that the hydra slide called "Big Splash" was finally open. I went on it 5 times and I scared nearly my whole family when I came down. The little slide kept giving me wedgies. I wish my family would have booked our caravan for more days so that we could keep on swimming in the pools every morning.

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  1. Wedgies!!! Haha I wish we could have been there. Maybe when we come for a visit in April you can take us there and show Riley how to go down the Hydroslide. She gets scared!! Love your blog, can't wait for the next update from the life of Ashlee!) Aunty Layna


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