Monday, February 8, 2010

Calvin and the Big Puddle!!

In the holidays, I went up north to stay with my Nan. My cousins Adam and Genet were there too. In Adam's room I played Smack Down v/s Raw 2010. It's different from all other kinds of wrestling. The next day we went to Russell which is a beach up north. We went across the road to another beach called Lady Kawa. It's a beach on a lake. I jumped off a tree that had a sign which said, "50ft deep puddle." I jumped off another tree that was even taller, and I was surprised that the water was lake water instead of ocean water. The next day, we went to the arcades. My Nan gave me a whopping $70 to spend on games and food but I only spent $20. We all had a fantastic time!

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  1. Hi Jonita. Great story you had cat wait until your next work.
    Keep the great work up.

    Darius and Gabriel


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