Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isara's Trip South

My South Island Trip

On December the sixteenth, Point England School finished. I was so excited because it was the holidays! On the next day, we packed all of our bags and off we went. I said, bye to Auckland. When we arrived at Palmerston North, I jumped on my best friend Potiki when I saw him. Later on that night there was a big storm and it was raining very hard. Before I went to bed, their cat Clyde scractched me because he didn't know me very well. It hurt and I couldn't get to sleep. Finally I fell asleep because I got really, really, tired.


  1. Dear Isara,
    I'm not surprised that you were tired after all the excitent of school finishing, travelling to Palmerston and seeing your best friend. Did the cat get to know you better by the time you left?
    Holidays are great! I enjoyed reading about yours.

    Love from Mrs Jarman

  2. Hi Isara,

    Sounds like you had a really cool day after school finished,what a lucky boy.I hope I get to hear about your next holiday with Potiki,[and I hope Clyde doesn't scratch you again.]
    From Litia

  3. Hi Isara,
    It was exciting to finally be on holiday wasn't it. I was very happy to arrive in Palmerston and have a relaxing time with our friends and whanau there. I hope you are going to write more about the rest of our holiday. What was the highlight for you in the South Island?
    Love Mum


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