Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cooperative Task

Ever been part of a cooperative task? What is a cooperative task? may be asking. Well, it is an activity which forces a group of people to work together as a team in order to complete it. Room 12 took part in a cooperative task a couple of weeks ago.

Their mission...should they choose to accept it...was to get the entire class onto 14 chairs lined up side by side, and move the chairs and students from one end of the side walk to the other end. They could not touch the ground with any part of their body.

The first attempt didn't go so well, and upon reflection, they realized that cooperation means working together. This is exactly what they did on their second try! There was communication. There was observation. There was patience. There was encouragement. There was celebration!

Check out our photos!


  1. Hi Guys, My cybername is Ms F which I have to use because at my school in Howick our cybersafety agreement says no last names on the internet.

    I really enjoyed watching this slideshow and seeing you working together as a team to do the different games. I bet you got the hang of it all pretty quickly. It looks like you had loads of fun working together.

    I have a group of children working together called Digikidz in my school and we wondered if you could post some video responses to some questions about eLearning on your blog:

    1. What ICT tools do you enjoy using at school?

    2. What programs do you like to use?

    3. What do you do if you get stuck when you are working on the computer?

    4. Who teaches you how to do new things using ICT tools?

    Thanks everyone, we are really excited to see what your answers are!

  2. Hi This is great to see the movie. The other day I was walking past you class and I saw all the students and the chairs and I wondered ' What is going on?' Wow, the movie is great. YOu all did really well at working altogether.


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