Thursday, March 28, 2013

With a little help from our friends...

Patricia and Zack wrote a sentence to go with this photo and wanted the room 12 children to help them "jazz" it up a little bit...make it a little more interesting! 

This is what Patricia an Zack had at first:

Here's Miss Walters and Miss Williamson talking and Alex playing with his toys.

This is what room 12 came up with after some discussion:

Over in room 11's bay, I see Miss Walter and Miss Williamson talking while Alex plays with his funky new toys.

Rake on the Ground

Adam and Chyrus's job was to think of an interesting way to say that there was a rake on the ground. Here's what they came up with.

Adam said, "Look out for that rake on the ground in our bay!"

Leaves on the Ground

Waimaria, Lani, and Christopher came up with three different sentences about the leaves using prepositional word groups.

1. Beside the green tree there are brown leaves.
2.Behind the tall green tree there are some dark green leaves.
3.Round the tall tree there are some leaves.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Day Things Started Disappearing

Adriel wrote the following story all by herself. Her teacher helped her with the speech marks and some of the punctuation.

"Ahhhhh!" said Suzan, "My favourite pen is gone." "Suzan calm down." said her brother Omar with a kind voice. "No it's the day things start disappearing." Suzan replied. "Suzan it's a mystery and when we find that pen of yours you can get back to your drawings." "Thanks Omar." said Suzan hugging him with love. Suzan and Omar searched everywhere in the house and they didn't find it.

But Omar saw drool coming out of Suzan's drawing box. "I have a clue it must be our dog Pluto." So they went to the garden where Pluto was and he had nothing on him. So they checked every hole Pluto dug in the garden but nothing was to be found except stinky old bones.

Suzan thought of something "Oh silly old me I forgot." "What did you forget?" "I forgot I gave it to my friend so tomorrow she can give it to me." "So we went all through that for nothing." said Omar. So Omar slammed the door and went to sleep.

Learning To Swim

What a fantastic two weeks we've had!!! Across the school field, through the farmer's field, and over the stream we happily went every day for two weeks in order to get to the GI Pools for our swimming lessons. Luckily we had qualified Swim School Instructors who taught us proper technique and encouraged us to push a little harder and swim a little further!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crazy Monkey

Vinolia and Yvonne took the sentence ....I saw a monkey....and added details to make it more interesting.

I saw a monkey on my desk acting crazy!

Monkeys Everywhere

Amber and Adriel took the sentence ...I saw a monkey....and changed it so it was an exclamation and then again so it was speech. They also added some details to make it more interesting for the reader. Check out their ideas.

Wow I just saw a monkey!
I just saw a monkey around the corner!
"I spied a monkey in the middle of the tree eating a bunch of yellow bananas!" said the old lady.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monkey's Writing About Monkeys??

Talita, Yvonne, and Cruz had to take the simple sentence....I saw a monkey....and add a prepositional word group to the front. They could also add any other details that they thought would make the sentence more interesting. This is what they came up with.


In the tree I noticed a monkey eating a banana.

On top of the tallest tree was a fuzzy little monkey.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fluffy The Cat

Danielle has been learning to add clever vocabulary and interesting details to her sentences to create a picture in the reader's head. Here is the start of a story about a cat who finds a time machine. Danielle did some editing on her own and then with her teacher. Hope you enjoy.


Fluffy the poofy, ginger cat was picking a handful of beautiful red roses that were growing in his backyard. He went inside to put his roses in a jar of water. After that he went outside to his garage to fix the bumper on his shiny red car which had been damaged in a crash. When fluffy got there he spied a sneaky old grey rat. Fluffy chased the rat into the corner then he saw something mysterious under a dirty old blanket. He marched up bravely and ripped the old blanket off the box. Next Fluffy scratched the box open and found a machine but he didn't know what it was.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Loving Life at Pt. England School

The students in Room 12 wanted to make a movie showing “Life at Pt. England School.” Alice, Olivia, Adriel and Talita spent a few days collecting photos that would show all the different activities that we participate in and all the different ways that we learn. Then came the really hard part....they had to learn how to put a movie together using imovie. Their teacher made them do most of it ALL BY THEMSELVES!!! Hope you enjoy “Loving Life At Pt. England School.”

Zack Reads

Zack is practicing reading with expression. He is reading a part from a book he read in his group called "Silent Reading."

Lani Reads

Lani is learning to record a video on an iPad and then email it to her teacher. She is also practicing reading with expression.

Talita Explains

Talita has made a video explaining how she solved a math problem.

Waimaria Reads

Waimaria is reading a favourite part from the book she read with her group - "Silent Reading." She is trying to remember to read with expression.

Adam Reading

Adam is learning to video himself with an iPad and then email it to his teacher. He is reading a favourite part from the story he read with his group called "Silent Reading."

Waimaria Math

Waimaria is here to show you what she learned in math today - the strategy "Up and Over the 10."