Thursday, March 14, 2013

Loving Life at Pt. England School

The students in Room 12 wanted to make a movie showing “Life at Pt. England School.” Alice, Olivia, Adriel and Talita spent a few days collecting photos that would show all the different activities that we participate in and all the different ways that we learn. Then came the really hard part....they had to learn how to put a movie together using imovie. Their teacher made them do most of it ALL BY THEMSELVES!!! Hope you enjoy “Loving Life At Pt. England School.”


  1. Hi room 10,
    I loved your video.
    It's very cool!
    keep up the great work =)!!

  2. What a heart warming movie you people have made. Well done to all of the photographers. You have captured so much joy and happiness in your photos. I love it!

    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi room 12 I loved the movie that was made from Alice ,Talita ,Olivia and Adriel it was so funny and cool that I coldent stop waching it

  4. hi Room 12,
    did you like the movie. Because I did with all of your special that you like to do. keep up the good work.

    from adriel


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