Thursday, March 18, 2010

Annoying, Prickly Grass

The most unusual thing happened when room 12 went outside to do something...we just laid down on the grass to listen to the sounds of Point England. First we walked to the field and we had to lie down in the boiling sun, then we had to lie in the cool breezy shade. When I laid down on the annoying prickly grass, it felt like needles that were stuck to the field. Mrs. Barks told us to open our eyes and look at the clouds. Billowy clouds wee aimlessly floating in the sky with no care. After that we headed to the cool shade. I heard the annoying seagulls screeching out loud and I felt I was in the noisiest place in the world. And then I saw the tree branches swaying left to right, plus some of the other branches were dancing back to front. When we were finished, we walked back to class. I felt happy because I got to relax and because it was the time to finally be peaceful.


  1. Hi Jonita. I liked your story. I really liked the way you described the tree branches swaying left to right and dancing back to front. Wonderful describing, I can almost see it in my mind.

  2. Kia ora Jonita,
    I liked the way how you used good detail words and good describing.Ka pai Jonita.
    From Kaycee

  3. I almost felt like I was there. Great attention to detail! :)


  4. HI Jonita my goodness your a star writer, looks like all those pens and diaries paid off!But dont stop here, keep writing writing writing and enjoy it .. keep up the great work.
    Love Mum


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