Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Term 1 was fun!

Wow term one is coming to an end.This is Kaycee and Ashlee.Our favourite things this term were Art and Swimming.In art we drew a portrait of ourselves with Miss Wood. We liked to do everything that Mrs Barks had for us.

Our guess for next term is Movie stars.Our goal for next term is to get better at listening and Maths also everything.


  1. Hi Kaycee and Ashlee,

    I think the self portraits that you made with Miss Wood are absolutely amazing! It is good to see that you are setting goals for next term...that is an important habit in life!

    Good guess about the theme for next term...but it is not Movie Stars....keep guessing! I think that we should have a movie star theme and see if Tom Cruise would come and be our teacher for part of it!!! What do you think?

  2. Hi girls its me tyla.I reckon your blog is pretty cool.If you go to mines and jonitas blog it says that our guess for next term is Cooking and I think Jonita said art.Anyway your fellas goals are pretty right but you guys are pretty good at both of them.well thats all im gonna say to you.Tino pai tamariki.
    from Tyla-Marie

  3. Hi Kaycee and Ashlee.
    Movie Stars would be a very good idea for a term topic. I hope you are well on oyur way with your term two goals!


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