Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging With My Cousins

My grandpa came to pick me up to go to my nana's house to have dinner. When we got there, my uncle and cousin were cooking or food to eat. They were done an hour or two after and then it was time to eat some sausages, potato salad, and other yummy food!

My cousins came over 30 minutes before we ate. My 9 year old aunty and I took tunrs with my cousin's touch ipod because I thought it would have been fair. I kept on listening to "Never Let You Go."

My aunty and I happily skipped to my uncle's laptop to play a really fun computer game called Poptropica! We sat in one big chair and logged into my account for the game. I clocked four islands, which my brothers helped me with. We played Nabooti, Big Nate, Super power, and Spy, but we needed six more to clock!

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