Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Up To The Top of One Tree Hill

One sunny morning team 3 went on a field trip to One Tree Hill. When we arrived at Cornwall Park, we had a little assembly and in that little assembly Mrs. Jarman told us where to go. After she told us where to go we went there. When room 9, 10, and half of room 11 went to the cottage, the other half of room 11 went to have their morning tea and so did rooms 12 and 13.

As soon as the half of room 11 came back and room 9 and 10 did, it was our turn to have lessons with Nadia. She had a map of Auckland and fifty volcanoes. she told us all about One Tree Hill and when it erupted. After that we watched two short videos. The first one was about when One Tree Hill erupted.

After we finished with Nadia, we walked up One Tree Hill. On the way up I saw Rangitoto. Later on I saw Mt. Wellington and then I saw the west crater. Then I saw the main crater and finally I made it to the top. I saw Rangitoto, Mt. Wllington, Mt Roskill, and Mt. Eden. I saw four volcanoes.

Later on we walked down the crater. I saw "I love you' messages and all sorts of writings with scoria rock.

Tired, I dragged myself to the bus.

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