Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Suddenly Out Of Nowhere

On a beautiful day, I woke up and it was quiet. Suddenly out of nowhere, my family came out and sang happy birthday to me. I said to myself, "That's right, it's my birthday." I was so happy because my uncle said, "Hey darling, how would you like it if I gave you $100?" I said, "OK!"

A couple hours later, my mum and I got my birthday ready. Twenty minutes later, my birthday cake was ready. My mum got a text from my aunties and uncles saying, "Hey, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

It was so exciting when my cousins, uncles, and aunties arrived. Parties are the best because we had nuggets, hot chips, banana cake, super cake, and really rich fudge. We played Sing Star and then Monopoly.

After that, we mad our beds. We watched movies all night. Later on, we ate some popcorn to go with the movie. My tummy was very full after all the food that day!

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  1. Hi Jorja!
    i really liked your point of few of your birthday! My favourite thing that I ate was the animal nuggets. Remember when Kristyna came over? It was really fun. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. I really liked it. The food was nice.
    Great writing!


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