Monday, September 24, 2012

Poor Khaia

You are thinking to yourself....."What in the world has happened to this poor girl?" Well, we wondered the same thing when she showed up to school Monday morning. It's sort of a funny story. Khaia was playing netball Thursday after school and she ended up falling and breaking one arm...she came to school Friday because she is tough as! Then if you can believe it, she showed up a few days later with both arms broken!!! The doctors didn't realise at first that she had broken both of her arms.  We were happy to help her out when one arm was in a cast...but now with two arms not working properly....our teacher says we have to treat her like a princess...and do EVERYTHING for her!!!


  1. Hi Khaia

    I liked your story are you alright I hope you but Nice story you rock keep it up

  2. Hi khia

    It s, sad That you have two brocken arm,s I hope your alright xoxoxoxoxo have a nice holidays thank you


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