Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deadly Quest

In our room, we are practicing writing detailed sentences with "delicious" vocabulary. Sean worked really, really hard to put together the following story. Hope you enjoy!!!

Love is a powerful thing and King Polydectes was consumed with love for Danae. Daily she refused his offer for marriage. King Polydectes realised with Perseus out of the way, Danae would be forced to accept his proposal.

Perseus was sent on a deadly quest to go get the gorgon Medusa's head. If he succeeded, Perseus would get his beautiful mother back with him.

Cautiously, Perseus stepped into the ferocious gorgon's secret lair. He saw all the mighty warriors that suffered from the eyes of Medusa and had been turned to stone. Perseus found Medusa with the reflection from the shield that the gods gave him. Also with the sword the gods gave him, he fiercely severed her grotesque face that was covered with masses of hissing snakes.

Successfully, Perseus emerged from Medusa's secret lair. He shot above the menacing, stormy clouds with Medusa's head. King Polydectes had no idea how Perseus succeeded. Medusa's gaze still had the power to turn people to stone and when King Polydectes looked into her eyes, he instantly turned to stone from head to toe.

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