Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slithering Snake Covered Head

WOW!!! These boys worked with their teacher and another staff member to retell the story of Medusa. Together they thought of "brainy" and "delicious" vocabulary to use in their sentences. Well done boys!!

King Polydectes sent Perseus on a deadly mission to search for the terrifying Medusa. He wanted Medusa's slimey, slithering, snake covered head.

Perseus, in his winged sandals, flew to Medusa's lair. Carefully he tiptoed into the cave and searched for the snake haired gorgon. When he discovered her, he slowly raised his sword and with a mighty blow sliced off her head.

He emerged excitedly from the cave with Medusa's head. He raced across the sky like an eagle to rescue his mum. He pulled the gorgon's head out of his golden satchel. the moment King Polydectes' eyes gazed upon Medusa's head, he instantly turned to stone.

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