Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning With Technology

What a fantastic school we have! We love going to Pt. England School because we get to use different kinds of technology.

When we learn something new, we make an animation about it. We draw pictures in Hyperstudio and put them into imovie. After this, we record our voices, add music, and then turn it all into a movie for our blog.

A couple of weeks ago we were so excited when we were given two ipads to use in our classroom. We   take photos and videos and write stories to go with them. These are emailed to our teacher. We also read and listen to online stories when we finish our work.

We really love using technology to help us learn.

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  1. Hi Room 12

    You have had a wonderful year with Mrs Barks and I can see how talented you all are just by reading all the things you have shared on your blog.
    I am amazed at how clever you are at using technology too.

    Have a great holiday

    Mrs Burt


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