Friday, September 28, 2012

In The Mood For Fun

Tevita and Shaitarn worked with Mrs. Barks to write a story about Rainbow's End. Hope you enjoy it!

If you are in the mood for fun, Rainbows End is a great place to gol It is an amusement park full of spectacular rides and food bars.

When your stomach rumbles, head over to the nearest food stall and grab an icy cold glass of soda, some crunchy, salty chips and a juicy hot dog with ketchup. If you are well behaved, your mum might buy you a big, fluffy, ball of candy floss.

The fear fall ride is the worst place after that big lunch. Once you are buckled into the seat, the ride begins to move slowly up to the top......which is a LONG way up. Just when you feel safe and suddenly drops like Zeus's lightning bolt from the heavens. You think that you will crash but it stops just in time!

After that day, you won't be naughty because you will want your parents to take you again next week!

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