Friday, May 18, 2012

Want To Freak Out Your Little Brother?

This is a story that Marilyn wrote after watching a video about Velvet Worms. Her teacher helped her with the final edit.

If you have a little brother and you want to freak him out, then the wet forests of New Zealand are the place for you! When you look around, you just might find the creepiest, strangest worm. It is the Velvet Worm.

I discovered that a velvet worm is covered in little bumps. It reminds me of a chilly day when goosebumps popped up all over my arm. I expected it to slither like a snake but it looks similar to a caterpillar because it has short, stubby legs.

When the Velvet worm attacks it's prey, it's nozzles shoot out sticky glue like a gun shoots out bullets. The creature is surrounded and trapped. The worm shows no mercy. Quickly it brings out it's sharp fangs and makes the bug into a yummy milkshake. Once satisfied, off goes the worm to find it's next meal.

I will never, ever go into the rain forests of New Zealand alone. I hate Velvet Worms!!!

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