Friday, May 4, 2012

A Magnificent Lesson

At the Art Alive Assembly, I was waiting patiently for team five's item. I looked around and all of a sudden, Mr Barks leaped off his seat and galloped like a race horse to the front of the stage. I started to laugh because he had unusual, and colourful clothes on. I found out that he was going to talk about primary colours.

As Mr. Barks slowly slipped on a red glove, I saw his eyes grow dark and his face became furious like a cloudy and stormy sky. His voice got deeper too. He stomped up the stairs and we could feel the earth shake like a giant walking past us, and then he disappeared behind the corner. I wondered what would happen next. A moment later, I heard a scream and it sounded like someone was having a thorn pulled out of their foot.

Yellow was the next colour. Mr Barks had a chicken hat and found out that there were yellow feet on it. "Phew!" That is lucky because yellow makes Mr. Barks happy, and when he's happy - it makes him want to dance. Suddenly music blasted out from the speakers and then he started to do a funky dance. He was wobbling his hands and feet around like an octopus.

The last colour was blue. Mr. Barks said that blue made him sad and before we knew it...he started to cry! Then he started to weep. He staggered over to Ms. Wild, who is a very kind woman, and she stood up and tried to calm him down as if he were a baby awakened from a nightmare.

It was a magnificent lesson and now I have knowledge stuck in my head about the primary colours.


  1. Wow, wow and wow! I can't believe that I haven't seen this one before now. What an incredible recount - it was so vivid, I felt like I was right there sitting next to you!
    Love ya heeeeeeeeeeaps

  2. FANTASTIC writing son! Very descriptive and you kept me interested right till the end. Keep up the great work Jordy, I look forward to further, fantastic, fabulas story teling. Love dad.


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