Friday, May 4, 2012

Primary Colours

It was finally team 5's turn to present their lesson at our immersion assembly. Mr Barks sprinted to the front of the hall to talk about primary colours. He was wearing funny and colourful clothes.

The primary colour that Mr. Barks talked about first was red. He said, "Red makes me feel so angry." His eyes grew dark as coal and his body began to shake with anger. I felt terrified!

Yellow was the next colour. He said, "Yellow makes me feel like turning on some music and dancing!" He started to do a crazy boogie and his arms and legs looked like an octopus's tentacles shaking around like it had been electrocuted!

Next was blue and Mr. Barks said that blue makes him sad. Teardrops poured from his eyes and he slowly staggered over to Ms. Wild. She because she is such a lovely woman, she wrapped her arms around Mr. Barks and comforted him.

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