Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Time With Miss Hart

Miss Hart is an American student who came to NZ to learn about our school and how we learn. We had fun shooting a video with her, working on artwork together, and improving our writing skills. We hope that someday she comes back and stays with us longer!


  1. Hey room 12, that was a really sweet story about Miss Hart. I'm sure she had a great time with you all. I wish they would all come back soon!!!

    From Jouan:)!

  2. Hi room 12,
    Wow what a story you have, it was awesome and sweet. It really tells us that you really had a fun time with Miss Hart. Keep it up
    From Saadiya

  3. Hi collin and miss hert that is a cool pithure with you and collin thank you for helping rm 12 you done a good job here love april


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