Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't Venture Out Alone

Enyahlee enjoyed writing about the Velvet Worm. Her teacher helped her with the final edit.

Never again will I venture out alone into the dark night by myself because Velvet Worms might sneak up to me. They live in wet forests in NZ. They are creepy and strange, and if you can believe it....they've been on earth for about 540 million years!

The Velvet Worm is long like a centipede and it has fat, stumpy legs. It's body is bumpy and looks like a person covered in goosebumps on a cold day. Long, sensitive antennae stick out from it's head.

Nearly blind, it has to use it's feelers when searching for food. It attacks it's prey by shooting out yucky glue from two nozzles with immobilizes the insect. Inside it's moth are concealed weapons...FANGS! Slowly the worm eats the newly captured creature.

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  1. Hi Enyahlee it's your big sister Shirquera I like it how you did three pariahs you are awesome! keep up the great work.


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