Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Poor Foot - What's the story?

Leave us your story to go with this picture - a sentence, paragraph, or complete story!


  1. On a glorious day,a couple of friend's came over to have a match for soccer.My name is the same as my teacher witch is Keri.My friend's names are Wendy,Walter and Pricilla.Keri who is me ,did all these tricks and suddunely fell on the ground and started to moan.

    By Enyahlee

  2. hi mrs Barks

    On a beautifull sunny day i was playing rugby with my freinds.suddenly i heard a bone brake like somebody smashing a glass,and it was my foot. I started to cry and my freinds put my arms around so i can hop like a 1 legged bunny on the hard grey ground.when i was at the sickbay the nurse rapped my leg with a soft material that you use for a broken arm to hold it.I was all right. from adriel


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