Monday, November 19, 2012

Mabel's Three Wishes

Sunshine shone through the windows into Mabel's eyes and awoke her from her deep sleep. It was time for her to get dressed and be off to the library. Mabel is a girl who loves books and wouldn't dare miss a second at the library.

Off went Mabel to the library. She was reaching for a book when suddenly smoke rose around her and a genie appeared before her. The genie granted her three wishes. Mabel was filled with joy in her heart but also sad because she didn't know what to wish for. Mabel thought and thought and then had an idea. Since she wasn't popular, she wished to be popular. Second of all, she wished that she was so pretty that people would fall in love with her as Mrs. Barks is falling in love with Tom Cruise.

The final wish was the last one she would ever have. She wished to be rich. So the wish came true. Her house was transformed into a gold house. It was the most special thing that happened to her. Mabel lived happily ever after.

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