Monday, November 19, 2012

Escape to Freedom

Louis has written a creative little story about a mischievous boy who enjoys swimming down at the Pt. England beach.  Hope you enjoy!

The sun wrapped the earth with it's warm tentacles. Little Tommy and his grandma were at the beach. Little Tommy had lots of hobbies but out of all of them he loved the beach. Unfortunately Tommy had to wait for 20 minutes after devouring an entire basket of food - man can he eat for a little six year old!! He couldn't wait any longer. He plotted to escape this terrible horror and be set free. Well, when his grandma was too busy sunbathing, Little Tommy had an opportunity to escape. Tiptoeing, Tommy sneaked away but knew that sooner or later his grandma would find out!

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  1. Hi Louis I really enjoyed reading your story. I feel like that too when I want to swim but I have to wait because I ate too much food.
    Well Done!


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