Monday, October 25, 2010

Insect People

Excitedly walking to the immersion assembly, I couldn't wait to see the performances. Immersion assemblies are always exciting because teachers dress as the theme.

As everybody started to quiet down, I heard a weird noise coming from the back of the hall. It was Mr. Burt. He was dressed as a mosquito. He was walking down the middle of the hall scaring children.
After team 1 was called to the stage, I was wondering who miss Wild was meant to be. She was little Miss Muffet. When they performed little Miss Muffet, it was funny because when the spider frightened Miss Wild, she screamed and ran away.

Finally it was time for team 4's performance. I had a little feeling that Mr Barks was going to be a queen bee because of his costume. He had a girls wig, a queen's crown, and a rather large abdomen. Their performance was so hilarious because he was giving birth to baby bees.

This was the best immersion assembly I've ever seen. I hope there will be another one as funny as that!

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