Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Drills and Skills

A week ago, we had our Drills and Skills day. Players from the Auckland Rugby team came and helped with the event.

My favourite activity was the tackle bags. They are shaped like cylinders and are padded. We all tackled a tackling bag with each shoulder, then we could pick any shoulder to tackle the bags with.

After, we went and had some refreshing Milo because we were getting too hot. We sat down and drank it. The Milo was tasty.

I felt real worn out after tackling and runing around...although, it was a lot of fun getting tired!

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  1. Hi Raufy I really liked your peace of writing it was great. It was amazing the way you described the tackling bags and how the Milo was refreshing. so I would just like to say keep it up and you will ace all your testes and become a great writer.

    From Kalim


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